Bumotec s191H (32mm / 50mm / 65 mm)

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Bumotec s191H (32mm / 50mm / 65 mm)

Linear driven motors and direct-driven rotation axis; Unique spindle with high torque; High thermal stability

Large choice of clamping systems

Extensive features with a maximum of 7 axes and 3 spindles; Universal bar machining (bar passage: 32, 50 or 65 mm); Large tool changer for 90 HSK40 tools; Automatic in/out loading unit for blanks



Bumotec Automation Solution


7-axis machining center

The machines of the s191H series are suitable for turning, milling and grinding of individual parts or from bar (diameters: 32, 50 and 65 mm) in a single setting. The series has an extremely versatile modular structure, which means that it is possible to build any kind of machines from standardised modules for various machining tasks – including a machining center with seven axes and three spindles.

The CNC Bumotec s191H Linear turnmill center is suitable for complete machining of very complex six sided parts. Linear motors ensure maximum precision and reliable repeatability in the machining of parts. Thanks to the combination of the rapid linear drive (acceleration: 1.1 g; speed: 50 m/min) with a high-resolution Renishaw measurement system (resolution: 1/100 µm) and a stabilised cooling circuit for all heat-generating elements, the s191H Linear achieves excellent productivity. A unique feature is the high-speed spindle (150,000 rpm), on which it is possible not only to turn and mill ceramic parts but, using different grinding discs (measuring 0.5 to 80 mm), they can also be dry-ground.


  • Linear driven motors and direct-driven rotation axis
  • Extensive features with a maximum of 7 axes and 3 spindles
  • Unique spindle with high torque
  • Universal bar machining (bar passage: 32, 50 or 65 mm)
  • Large tool changer for 90 HSK40 tools
  • High thermal stability
  • Automatic in/out loading unit for blanks
  • High finish quality
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Simple clamping concept
  • Large choice of clamping systems
  • From Bar to finished part, in one single production cycle
  • Multiple processes (turning / milling / grinding / drilling / gear hobbing / …) and large range of machine configurations and options
  • A multi-tasks machine fully equipped instead of multiple production units
Axis configuration

Innovative Solutions

The Bumotec S191 is the result of blending «Swiss» mechanics and state-of-the-art axis drive technologies. The cast iron machine base and travelling column eliminate vibrations in a perfect way. The advanced cinematics allow the implementation of numerous machining operations at a very small footprint.

  • Complete machining solution
  • Turn-mill and multiple other operations
  • Working from bar or raw parts
  • 5 axes simultaneous machining
  • Up to 7 axes and three spindles

Accessories for main spindle and retaking spindle A vast range covers all clamping requests for blanks or bars. Integrated stoppers associated to a clamping pressure allows to fix the most delicate or massive part.

Clamping systems for retaking units Vices, collet systems or tailstocks are available. Customers special systems can be integrated when needed.

Modularity The majority of all clamping devices can be interchanged between the spindles and retaking units.

Automation A completely integrated loading/unloading unit enables highest autonomy at lowest invest. No referencing needed when changing parts. Parts handling through spindle grippers in the working spindle ( stored in the tool magazine ). Simple use of the machine axes. The pallet magazine can store raw parts as well as rapid indexing pallet systems such as 3R, Mecatool, Yerly and others.

Integration Bumotec integrates on customers demand other loading / unloading solutions.

FANUC 31i control

  • State-of-the-art control technology
  • Smooth Bumotec man-machine-interfaces

Ease-of-use Bumotec has developped a vast array of smooth interactive subroutines, helping to simplify the programming.

All machine setting A lot of the menus are dedicated to the basic characterictics of the machine. So, the machining programs are not relating to the specific machine data - full interchangeability between the machines is given.

Swiveling B Axis

  • Direct drive with 226 or 339 Nm:
  • Paramount machining precision
  • Improvement of surface quality
  • Dynamic movements ( 0° to 90° in 0.35 sec )
  • Utterly free of backlash
  • No deterioration/wear over time

Linear Motor Drive Option for the Z and Y axis Linear motor slides provide a step up in production speed, quality and stability while eliminating maintenance.

  • Higher precision an repetability
  • Better surface finish
  • Faster cycle times
  • Reduced Maintenance

The Additional Advantage of Speed

  • Reduction of bi-times
  • Better dynamics and finishes at higher speeds.

A set of dedicated options, designed to the machining of ceramic and other hard materials, is available.

  • HF spindle (150,000 rpm)
  • Laser tool check
  • Working zone entirely in stainless

The tool magazine

  • 30 / 60 / 90 tool pockets
  • HSK40 or Capto C4

Tool Magazine with 30, 60 or 90 tool pockets. All tools, regardless of milling or turning, are stored on 30 pocket discs. The tool return always to their initial position. Tool change in 1.8 sec. Very good accessability to magazine out of working zone.

Special tool holders 2-, 3-, or 4 cutting tips tool holders increase productivity, as they are used like a turret in the working spindle, thus saving a lot of tool-change-time.

A vast range of equipments to even more increase the S191 performance.

  • Fixed touch probe
  • Spindle probe
  • Automatic barfeeders
  • Chip conveyors
  • Paperbond chip conveyor
  • Parts Conveyor
  • High pressure coolant pump\n
  • Superior spindle speed and torque
  • Outstanding rigidity

Oil-Air mist lubrification To achieve longevity, the high spindle rpm‘s demand a top notch lubrification. The direct injection of an oil-air mist into the bearing is the solution.

Leak proof spindle nose Sealing air supports the labyrinth joint in terms of tightness.

Speed and longevity The hybrid bearings ( ceramic balls ) allow upscale spindle speed at minimal wear, supplying a high rigidity.

Spindle interlocking A ingenious locking mechanism assures the perfect mechanical indexing of nonrotating tools ( turning ), disengaging the hybrid bearings of the milling spindle - leading possible shocks and load through the spindle housing. Indexing increments of 45°.

Everything from simply part storage to most complex flexible manufacturing systems – even of the largest machines. The Starrag Group makes Industry 4.0 a reality. Read more

Technical Data

Axis stroke Z mm 400
Axis stroke Y mm 200
Axis stroke X mm 410
Power/Axis force Z-Y 2,5 kW / 500 daN (option linear drives = 7,2 kW / 350 daN)
Power/Axis force X 4,8kW / >550 daN
Rapids X-Y-Z 40m/min (option linear drives = 50m/min)
Acceleration X-Y-Z-W 8 m/s2 / 0,8g (options linear drives = 10,4 m/s2 / 1,1g)
Resolution X-Y-Z-W mm 0,0001
Power (direct drive) kW 15
Torque S1 S2 S3 Nm 22 / 27 / 36
Rpm turning rpm 6.000 (8.000 option)
Rpm milling °/min 90.000
Clamping force F= 4.900 at 6 bar / FT= 38.000 N at 30 bar
Resolution ° 0,0001
Bar capacity mm 32
Clamping systems F38 / Ottet / Mecatool / Jaw-chuck
Power (direct drive) kW 15
Torque S1 S2 S3 Nm 41 / 51 / 68
Rpm turning °/min 6.000
Rpm milling °/min 90.000
Clamping force F = 4.900 at 6 bar / FT = 38.000 N at 30 bar
Resolution ° 0.0001
Bar capacity mm 32
Clamping systems F38 / Ottet / Mecatool / Jaw-Chuck
Power (direct drive) kW 15
Torque S1 S2 S3 Nm 84 / 104 / 124
Rpm turning °/min 6.000
Rpm milling °/min 90.000
Clamping force F = 7.400 N at 6 bar / FT = 38.000 N at 30 bar
Resolution ° 0.0001
Bar capacity mm 50
Clamping systems F48 / Ottet / Mecatool / Hainbuch / Jaw-Chuck
Torque cont/max Nm 106/226
Tilting speed °/min 36.000 (7.500°/s2) (0 at 90° in 0.35 sec)
Blocking torque Nm 200
Resolution ° 0,0001
Tilting range ° -25 / +115
Torque cont/max Nm 166 / 339
Titling speed °/min 36.000 (7.500°/s2) (0 at 90° in 0.35 sec)
Blocking torque Nm 200
Resolution ° 0.0001
Titling range -25° / + 115°
Power S1/S6 kW 8
Torque S1/S6 Nm S1=9,5 / S6=11,5
Max. rpm rpm 30.000 (40.000 option)
Tool holder camping force N 2.000 N
Locking system Mechanical locking with straight gears
Tool interface HSK-A-40
Max. through spindle coolant pressure bar 100 (option)
Power S1/S6 kW 13
Torque S1/S6 Nm S1 = 12.5 / S6 =15.5
Max rpm °/min 30.000
Tool holding clamping force 2.000 N
Locking system Mechanical locking with straight gears
Tool interface HSK-A-40 (CAPTO C4 option)
Max through spindle coolant pressure bar 100 (option)
Capacity 30 (option 60 or 90) HSK 40 (Option Capto C4)
N° of turning tools All tools possible
Tool change time sec 1,2
Chip-to-chip time sec 3,2
Max. Tool weight kg 1,2
Max. Tool diameter mm 40 (80 if adjacent tool pockets are empty)
Max. Tool length mm 130 (150 mm on one tool magazine disc)
Type/Screen FANUC 30 series type 31iA-5 / 15"
Axis stroke mm 330
Power force kW 2,5 / 550 daN
Axis force daN 550
Rapid m/min 40 (8.3 m/s2)
Resolution mm 0,0001
Self-centering parallel-vice pneumatic
Clamping force 4.200 N at 6 bar
Other clamping devices ID or OD collets / OTTET from collets
Resolution mm 0,0001
Power (direct drive) kW 15
Torque S1 / S2 / S3 Nm 22/27/36
Rpm turning °/min 6.000
Rpm milling °/min 90.000
Clamping force 9.500 N at 5 bar
Resolution ° 0,0001


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