Everything from simply part storage to most complex flexible manufacturing systems – even of the largest machines. The Starrag Group makes Industry 4.0 a reality.

Automation solutions

The Starrag Group has comprehensive expertise in the systems business and has been processing complete turnkey technology solutions for many years. The range of services covers every aspect of the project, from the engineering, deliveryand assembly of all system modules including tools and jigs, to providing ultra-modern manufacturing technologies, user training sessions, production assistance and service.
A big plus is the possibility of interlinking various different machine designs. Complex production processes can thus be put into reality.

Key benefits:

  • Reduction in unit costs thanks to flexible fully-automated complete machining
  • Customized solutions for lot sizes from one-offs to large quantities
  • Production based on demand with low levels of material inventory
  • Guaranteed highly effective just-in-time production
  • Unmanned machining in a multiple shift operation
  • Reduction in production and through-put times whilst maintaining the same high levels of processing quality
  • Turnkey project solutions
  • Optimum conditions for system extension and the integration of additional machines
  • Interlinking of a variety of machine designs as well as auxiliary like CMM’s engraving or deburring stations.
  • High level of in-house expertise in the handling of major projects
  • Consistent high quality output requiring less manpower

Modular FMS Solutions

For over 40 years Starrag has been acting as a main contractor designing and supplying linked FMS systems for the fully-automated manufacturing of complex parts across multiple machines and different technologies like milling, turning and or grinding.
The Starrag machines can be integrated into a complete FMS with loading station, central tool handling, pallet transport and storage. Other operations and follow-up processes such as washing, measuring, labeling, deburring or grinding can of course be integrated into the FMS.
A combined system using different Starrag Group machines, like for example the 4-axis HEC centers or the vertical Berthiez grinding centers, is another possibility here. The complete manufacturing process is planned, steered, monitored and documented by user-friendly central computer software with integrated PPC (production planning and control).
Each automation system is customer specifically designed and delivered as a turn-key solution.
To ensure the required reliability for fully automated and unmanned production in FMS, the Starrag machines have been designed from the beginning to allow the best FMS integration including the various fixturing solutions necessary. The modular build-up also allows a gradual expansion of the system.

FMS Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Cell Controler

The FMS solutions from Starrag provide users with a production system from a single source that is customised, offers process reliability and – not least because of its dependability – is profitable.

A cell controller developed by Starrag serves as a core element that monitors all processes. The cell controller controls the entire process – from the automatic loading and storage of the raw material to the unloading of the finished components, depending on requirements. The controller manages all data and resources such as tools, pallets, fixtures, etc. The orders are automated by the cell controller, accepted by the primary ERP system and reported as complete once the process is finished.

The cell controller guarantees digital transparency in the factory through measures such as visualisation of the plant status because the cell controller centrally manages all of the FMS information, which it forwards on as required via standard interfaces to primary computer systems or to control rooms and display overviews.

Technology solutions which make the customer stronger

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Starrag IPS / Industry 4.0

The «Integrated Production System» is a crucial contribution towards achieving the aim of digitalisation, as it provides a platform for meeting the upcoming challenges. It offers support for users and operators of Starrag production systems and machines as they carry out the complex task of using data in a way that adds value in a networked world of production.

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