Welcome to the purchasing department at Starrag Group

Implementation of our company objective of ensuring and constantly improving customer satisfaction demands efficient structures for all business processes. The high proportion of external value added, to which our suppliers make an essential contribution, is viewed here as an integral part of such processes. Our supplier strategy, therefore, reflects our business objective in the implementation of productivity targets to maintain international competitiveness.

In line with our general quality policy, the customer stands at the focus of all planning and actions. Quality is the fulfillment of the agreed demands placed by the customer. Each of us - and thus also each of our suppliers and their sub-suppliers - is involved directly or indirectly with the fulfilling of customer demands. It is therefore important that our suppliers, too, share the awareness that each individual bears unconditional responsibility for the quality of his work.

On our purchasing department pages you can obtain initial information on general demands and terms, and on the conditions for acceptance into our supplier database.

Before you set out to join our team of strategic partners, we need certain important information and data about your company. Please complete and send us the following Supplier Questionnaire. We will then check and evaluate your details carefully, so as to be able to consider your company should a corresponding need arise. It goes without saying that your information will be treated as strictly confidential. The Supplier Questionnaire is intended to avoid our bothering you with enquiries for products or services you are unable to provide - e.g. because you are lacking certain technical prerequisites. Each future partner will also be required to complete a supplier audit, to enable us to gain an impression of the understanding of quality. We would also be very pleased to receive your own attractive offers.

I have been informed that I can withdraw my consent to the processing of my personal data at any time. Withdrawal shall not affect the legality of any data processing already carried out before withdrawing my consent. By providing my consent, I confirm that I am aged 16 years or older. I hereby consent to the processing of my data. I give my consent voluntarily. I know that this declaration of consent will be saved.