Technology solutions which make the customer stronger

Technology Solutions

More and more, the unique nature of our services can be seen beyond the individual machine systems. A comprehensive technology services package which can be tailored every time to meet the needs of the specific customer are of great help in ensuring that manufacturing is always geared towards the highest levels of productivity and, where necessary, adapted to take on new tasks.

The most important engineering services include:

  • the products by the leading company TTL, «Adaptive Machining» technology automates the machining of complex blades, blisks, impellers, etc., previously requiring extensive hand-work
  • the CAM software package for the efficient machining of flow parts and the simulation programme, which enables complex blade machining processes to be set out, checked and refined on-screen
  • the Center of Production Excellence in Rorschach, where demanding machining processes for the customer can be tested and optimised technology services which enable machining strategies and technologies to be designed and further developed.
  • close collaboration with leading technical universities and research institutes means that new findings from the world of science can be made available to customers
  • ultra-modern equipment and clamping technologies whose priority is to ensure high levels of availability and productivity for the equipment
  • a comprehensive range of ultra-modern tools which are constantly being further developed in combination with our machines and adapted to new challenges
  • planning and installation of turnkey production equipment. One of the group's main strengths is the inter-linking of a variety of machine concepts which provides low unit costs and a high level of flexibility when companies wish to go in new directions
Technology Solutions

Center of Production Excellence (CPE)

In its state-of-the-art Center of Production Excellence (CPE), Starrag gives customers the opportunity to test and optimise new and demanding machining processes or to produce pilot lots or small batches. The 2,000 m2 CPE is equipped with the latest 4 and 5-axis machine centers and can machine all types of different flow faces, rotating parts and complex work pieces, including those which cannot be machined at right angles. The extensive services range from the heavy-duty machining of high-strength titanium alloys to the high-speed cutting of light metal alloys.

Key benefits:

  • State-of-the-art technology to increase productivity
  • The possibility of producing pilot lots and small batches cost-effectively
  • The ability to accommodate seasonal peaks without investment in new machinery
  • Simultaneous and concurrent consultancy services
  • Reduced ramp-up time for machine investments


Starrag Group companies combine their leading technology with sophisticated process services, drawing on over 30 years of experience in tailoring manufacturing solutions for companies which are leaders in their fields, in cooperation with manufacturers of clamping tools. Our comprehensive offer includes the development of complete machining strategies and clamping concepts, innovative milling cutters and the optimisation of cutting performance.

We also work in close cooperation with leading research institutes, making new discoveries all the time and ensuring that solutions created for customers always include the very latest manufacturing technology.

Key benefits:

  • Professional consultancy and optimum solutions for the most demanding manufacturing needs
  • Increased productivity thanks to tailor-made advice
  • Machines and services all from one sources
  • An unbeatable package of machinery, tools, software and expertise
  • Expert support for on-site implementation

Fixture and Clamping Technologies

The Starrag Group offers tailor-made solutions with ultra-modern fixture and clamping technology. The basis of this intelligent process technology is the experience and expertise, acquired over decades, of our highly-qualified technicians who can design concepts which exploit the full potential of mechanics, automation, hydraulics and vacuum and magnetic technology. 

The result of this process is that customers can benefit from optimum availability and productivity for their equipment.

Customers gain a leading edge with innovative fixture and clamping technologies, including:

  • Clamping fixtures for high-precision work pieces
  • Cost-efficient and flexible multiplecomponent clamping fixtures

Automated, hydraulic and magnetic solutions:

  • Intelligent hydraulic jig and fixture technology with position and orientation control, high long-term process stability thanks to the CNC-programmable variable clamping force for manual and fully-automated loaded fixtures
  • Jig and fixture technology for fullyautomated work piece clamping by means of a handling system or robot for complete machining, eliminating the need for manual reclamping during the machining process and meaning that the user simply has to control and monitor
Fixture and Clamping Technologies

FMS Flexible Manufacturing Systems

The Starrag Group companies have comprehensive expertise in the systems business and have been processing complete turnkey technology solutions for a number of years now. The range of services covers every aspect of the project, from the engineering, delivery and assembly of all system modules including tools and jigs, to the providing of ultra-modern manufacturing technologies, user training sessions, production assistance and service.

A big plus is the possibility of interlinking various different machine designs. Complex production processes can thus be taken into account thanks to the variability of the machine designs.

FMS Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Starrag, your partner for complete FMS turnkey technology solutions

Key benefits:

  • Reduction in unit costs thanks to flexible fully-automated complete machining of lot sizes from one-offs to large quantities
  • Low levels of changes to cater to individual customer wishes and alterations in ranges
  • Production based on demand with low levels of material inventory
  • Guaranteed highly effective just-in-time production
  • Unmanned machining in a multiple shift operation
  • Reduction in production and throughput times whilst maintaining the same high levels of processing quality
  • Turn-key project solutions
  • Optimum conditions for system extension and the integration of additional machines
  • Interlinking of a variety of machine designs
  • High level of in-house expertise in the handling of major projects


Modern machine tools and ever more complex parts, made from materials that are difficult to machine, require tools with specific contours, angles and radii with good rotation characteristics and high surface qualities. To enable customers to machine at high levels of efficiency, our solid carbide milling machines are adapted to handle highspeed machining. These tools are subjected to intensive tests in our modern machine park and are constantly being further developed. We exclusively use top-quality solid carbide, and you have the possibility to select tools from our standard range or have them produced individually according to your specifications, either coated or uncoated.


Key benefits:

  • Complete process development from one source, using only raw materials of the highest quality
  • Extended tool service life coupled with better surface quality
  • Optimum implementation of modern manufacturing technologies
  • Reduction of component costs

Tool Catalogue: Download PDF
Tool Request: Download PDF
Starrag Duo-Lock™: Download PDF

Diagnostic Systems

Machine tools are complex systems that meet stringent requirements. For many of their functions, they have different components such as digital controls, powerful drives and precision guides. However, efficiency, availability and costs ultimately depend on correct operation and maintenance of the machine tool and all of its components. The diagnostic systems developed by the Starrag Group provide support in this area. They are innovative visualisation systems that provide the operator
with information about the current machine and control status at the push of a button. Our diagnostic systems thus make effective planning and monitoring of all service and maintenance activities much easier. At the same time, our specially developed online remote diagnostics service ensures maximum machine availability.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced costs throughout production
  • Reliable real time analysis thanks to direct access to machine documentation
  • Short service response times with immediate fault diagnosis and resolution
  • Prompt notification of alarms by e-mail or text message
  • Reliable machine data evaluation by odometer
Diagnostic Systems

CAM Solutions

More and more, the unique nature of our services can be seen beyond the individual machine systems. A comprehensive technology services package which can be tailored every time to meet the needs of the specific customer are of great help in ensuring that manufacturing is always geared towards the highest levels of productivity and, where necessary, adapted to take on new tasks.


RCS – the original CAM software RCS is a dedicated CAM Software, mstanding behind it over 30 years of experience in the blade CAM industry. Developed and tested at Starrag in Switzerland with the specific intent of producing efficient programming and machining techniques for turbine blades.


PSI+ – the programming solution for Blisks and Impellers ,PSI+ is Starrag’s dedicated CAD / CAM solution specifically for the efficient programming and subsequent milling of multiblade components such as impellers, blisks / IBRs, diffusers or nozzle guide rings. PSI+ is designed to be the optimal link between the CAD data of the designer and the perfectly milled workpiece of the production engineer. The purpose of PSI+ is to provide real benefits for real production.

CAM Solutions

Starrag IPS / Industry 4.0

The «Integrated Production System» is a crucial contribution towards achieving the aim of digitalisation, as it provides a platform for meeting the upcoming challenges. It offers support for users and operators of Starrag production systems and machines as they carry out the complex task of using data in a way that adds value in a networked world of production.

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