Success Story

Precision in movement

Bumotec S191

By working together with the world's best research institutes, such as the ARMC in Sheffield, Bumotec is optimising the productivity of its machines on an ongoing basis. With the S191 series from Bumotec, we are able to achieve increases of up to 30% in the cycle times for our customers. This is achieved by making use of a number of different clamping devices that can be combined, adopting an optimised cooling circuit and developing a cast-iron construction that reduces vibrations.

By using a rapid linear drive with a high-resolution Renishaw measuring system and a stabilised cooling circuit for all heat-generating elements, the number of waste parts is reduced by 15%. Linear technology offers a wide range of benefits: precision, speed, vibration damping and stability.

What's more, combining various forms of technology such as turning, cutting and milling in a single clamping operation reduces the number of machines required by 35%, thereby securing additional increases in productivity. This is particularly interesting for customers from the watchmaking industry, as particularly precious materials are used in this case and defects that occur from moving to a different machine are prevented.

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