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Luxury Goods

During our presence at EPHJ, specializing in the supply of the luxury market and more precisely watchmaking, we have challenged our customers and visitors by providing answers to the problems often encountered by players in this field.

What will the watchmaking industry look like in 10 years?
We don't claim to have the answer to this question. However, we are currently providing answers to the concrete questions being asked day-to-day across the industry as a whole, with production solutions offering flexibility and productivity.
Adapting to market developments is an absolute priority. To do this, we need efficient, effective and flexible production solutions.  
Here, in answer to the question: "Can you further optimise your productivity?" are three concrete cases that illustrate our capacity for innovation in meeting your needs.

Reducing the number of passes to increase productivity and competitiveness

- Simplify the manufacturing process
- Produce components in a single cycle, thus reducing the throughput time.
- Reduce the risk of rejects during production throughout the entire production process.

Our solutions:
For main plate manufacture, the s100mono and s100multi ranges enable continuous production of movement blanks thanks to integrated automation which automates the feeding, storage and turning of blanks on both sides of the workpiece being machined (top/bottom). Integrated automation includes the positioning check, as well as the deburring and cleaning functions for the parts produced.

In addition, on the s100 range, the blanks are fixed to mobile pallets to enable them to be either transferred between the 4 machining stations or machined alternately on their faces (top/bottom). This technical solution drastically reduces the complexity of the precision of the fixtures, since the origin of the workpieces is measured at each loading operation. Through automation, the entire main plate can be produced in a single production cycle, with unrivalled precision.

Added to this, programming makes it possible to transfer production programmed on a single-station s100 to a multi-station s100, automatically optimising and adjusting the cycle times for each station. The operation takes just a few minutes. This means the production capacities can be quickly, easily and effectively increased.

Another example of a reduction in the number of passes uses a Bumotec s191H to produce a wedding ring, from the bar to the finished product, including finishes, incorporating diamond finishing processes over the entire surface or even satin-finishing. Thanks to the re-taking unit, only one production cycle is required to obtain the end result in automatic mode

Even more impressive in terms of improved productivity, is the production of a bracelet link on a Bumotec s181, whose 90-position tool magazine, its re-taking unit and its five "Front Live Tools" enable back working operations on a second station operating simultaneously. Once again, the s181 produces a bracelet link in a single production cycle, reducing the cycle time by up to 40%.

The variety of materials that can be machined, coupled with flawless surface finishes - essential capabilities enabling you to grow your business

The ability to machine precious materials is an essential condition in the world of luxury goods. The important aspects can be summarised in three points:

  • Precision machining to prevent production rejects and reprocessing of precious materials.
  • Flawless machined surface finishes to meet the aesthetic requirements of the luxury goods sector
  • The ability to machine original and often highly complex materials to remain innovative in a highly demanding market.

Our production solutions:

Watchmaking requires the production of a wide variety of small parts which must display exemplary precision to ensure perfect operation when these high-profile products are offered for sale.

From watch exterior parts such as bracelets, clasps, dials and indexes to movement parts such as main plates, bridges and oscillating weights, and including jewellery, which also encompasses all of these applications, the production solutions must be flexible in order to manage the full range of demands in the materials most widely used in the luxury goods and high-tech industries:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Pure titanium and its alloys
  • Stainless steels
  • Soft and hard ceramics
  • Hardened steels
  • Sapphire 
  • Chrome cobalt
  • Aluminium
  • composite materials
  • Shape-memory materials

Swarf collection, particularly for precious materials, is also a source of optimisation and profitability.
The ergonomics of Bumotec machines range and our recovery systems meet the strictest requirements.

Swarf removal and filtration

An oil curtain flows permanently from the top of the machines into the machining area in order to carry the swarf as quickly as possible to the chosen filtration system. Inclined surfaces also prevent it from accumulating.

Finish quality

The renowned rigidity of Bumotec machines range guarantees near-perfect surface finishes. Embedded functions specific to the luxury sector guarantee flawless surface finishes that facilitate complex polishing operations.

Special materials

The capability of Bumotec machines range to process hard, abrasive or even cutting edge materials means they can keep up with current and future innovations in the watchmaking industry.

How do you consistently guarantee high-quality production with no interruptions?

While automated functions enable round the clock production 7 days a week thanks to solutions integrated in the machines, it must also be possible to guarantee production of consistently high quality within strict tolerances.

This is what marks out a machine manufacturer from a supplier of integrated solutions:

  • Machine manufacturing quality
  • Automated systems
  • Dimensional checks during production
  • Machine maintenance schedule to prevent interruptions not programmed in the production plan 

Our machine base frames are made from stabilised cast iron or mineral casting, guaranteeing perfect stability. Moreover, the efficient cooling systems on our machines guarantee thermal stability in order to consistently produce parts of flawless quality.

We have installed numerous robotised production solutions which offer our customers a range of functions: 

Which operations can be automated?
Loading > Positioning > Unloading > Cleaning Operation > Deburring > Sorting and storage > Sampling


One of the arguments for Industry 4.0 is in-production monitoring to enable automated parameter adjustments or tool corrections without interrupting production.

In collaboration with ESPI, we offer custom-developed in-production monitoring solutions. The aim is to adapt the solution based on the configuration of the customer's production model. Measuring systems integrated in our machines ensure micron-degree precision. 

Machine maintenance is a key factor in managing production. To prevent unexpected machine stoppages, it is advisable to choose a maintenance schedule that plans for preventive and corrective maintenance operations via the relevant checks.
This means no unpleasant surprises, and your productivity reaches the expected planning level. Our after-sales service offers different maintenance schedule levels based on your requirements and production rate.

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