Service Products

Product 1

Service Plus - Partnering for Efficiency

A tailored complete package including Service, Support and Maintenance at fixed calculable prices.

Starrag accompanies you over the entire production process and provides you with precisely those services that you and your machine need.

  • Extend machine warranty
  • Life cycle solution at a fixed price
  • Higher return on invest
  • Avoid machine break downs
  • Always good parts quality
  • Service- and Logistic Centers worldwide

Product 2

Inspection and Maintenance

  • preventive maintenance ensures high technical availability
  • Avoid machine break downs
  • Always good parts quality
  • Service- and Logistic Centers worldwide
Inspection and Maintenance


Based on checklists our service technicians ascertain the actual machine status, enabling them to detect wear and residual service life on the main components. Results are documented and measures are fixed in conjunction with customers.



Preventive maintenance to manufacturer’s specifications ensures a high level of technical availability. We offer a modular structure: you decide how the maintenance will be carried out. Customers also might be able to perform maintenances tasks themselves.

Geometry check

We check whether the machine geometry complies fully with the highest of precision requirements.

Laser measurement

We make use of laser measuring instruments to guarantee that the machine complies with the highest of precision measurement requirements.

Product 3


  • Efficient retrofit by the OEM maintenance of the sturdy machine structure
  • continued use of the existing machine location
  • fast re-commissioning
  • low technical and economic risk

Success Stories

Burly giant undergoes rejuvenation cure
Customer safety is the focus
Dörries Scharmann Retrofitting a vertical lathe


Modernisation for maximum requirements

The Starrag Group not only offers an efficient Field Service department and completely reliable supply of replacement parts but also has its own retrofit department. This offers the user complete solutions for machine and plant modernisation.

The retrofit department utilises the efficiency of the service process chain of the complete Starrag Group: it ranges from structural design and mechanical reworking, also of large components, to re-commissioning and quality assurance. Thanks to this procedure, our customers receive a production plant modernised to the latest standards within a very short time, with which they can continue to manufacture high quality products.

​Our strengths

  • Integration of assemblies and technology from the complete new modular machine system possible
  • increased performance specifications
  • complete service process chain and worldwide service network
  • comprehensive internal engineering
  • optimum implementation by qualified personnel
  • continuous support from one contact partner

Arguments in favour of successful modernisation

  • measure to increase value on a familiar, reliable machine
  • cost saving compared with new investment:

    Steep «start-up ramp»

    thanks to the familiar machine and run-in production process, maximum productivity is assured with restored availability.

    As good as new

    start and replacement part bottlenecks are permanently avoided.

    Product 4

    Spindle Overhauls

    Maximum reliability and quality from one supplier. The Starrag Group has extensive experience and expertise in overhauling motor spindles – straight from the manufacturer.

    • OEM quality
    • manufacturer's warrant
    • highly qualified personnel
    • OEM replacement parts available from stock
    • expertise and responsibility from one supplier
    • one contact partner for the complete machine
    Spindle Overhauls

    Our overhaul concepts are tailored to your needs:

    • Essential
    • Prime
    • Flatrate

    To ensure availability of your machines, we offer the options of an express overhaul or a spindle from our replacement parts pool.

    We will be happy to advise you on the right maintenance work for your motor spindles.

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