Success Story

BUMOTEC customer dialogue in Chemnitz

Asking the right questions

At the Bumotec event "Invitation to dialogue with the micro-mechanics and watch industries", which took place in the training centre of Heckert GmbH in Chemnitz, the central focus was on the watch industry combined with medical technology and precision mechanics.

Bumotec, a supplier of customer solutions in relation to machine systems, presented discussions with technical, economic and strategic backdrops. A highlight of the event was the Bumotec s191 V, shown live in machining action, as well as the comprehensive video presentations about alternative machine systems and a display of around 100 machining patterns. Due their tiny size, the 100 workpieces were displayed in a single showcase. The workpiece in live production was a Création Bumotec watch plate. It presented various difficulties, including narrow height and diameter tolerances, centre distances in the µ range, S 0.4 thread, surface decorations and circumferential machining. The clear benefit to the customer became evident in the low machining times through complete machining in a single clamping operation.

As per the Bumotec philosophy, the workpiece was completely manufactured from a blank to the finished plate with no manual intervention, including machining of the front and reverse side, machining of the circumference and external turning. After depositing the plate in the unmachined parts and finished parts storage area - another fully automated process - it was ready to be given to visitors as a free gift. The discussions also addressed the possibility of increasing productivity through customer-specific technological solutions.

Visitors to the Bumotec dialogue event showed great interest in the development of Heckert GmbH itself. The company tour that was included in the visitor programme was unanimously received with great enthusiasm and praise.

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