STC 1250

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STC 1250

Optimum spindle speed / torque curve characteristic for HPC titanium machining

Perfect machine geometry which enables accurate machining

A stable, low-vibrations milling process which creates a platform for increased tool service lives and thus greater productivity


High performance simultaneous 5 axis machining center

The STC series has been designed to provide unrivalled economy in the machining of the most demanding structural parts, multi-blades and casings with long cycle times, and provide the customer with a whole host of practical options. These machining centers have excellent static and dynamic properties as well as a tried and tested rotatable head, making them the benchmark for heavy chip removal in titanium and Inconel part for the aerospace and power generation industries.

Axis configuration

Innovative Solutions

  • Optional hydraulic or vacuum coupling device
  • Quick pallet change with lift-rotate system

The special workpiece geometries create specific demands on the clamping fixtures. Starrag has in-house specialists who develop individual clamping concepts to meet the specific requirements of the individual workpiece. Starrag offers the following advantages:

  • Part optimized fixturing for both efficient roughing and distortion free finishing.
  • Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or vacuum clamping solutions can be implemented.
  • Media ports are accessible directly on the pallet.
  • Media clamping solutions can be included into flexible manufacturing systems.
  • Two swarf conveyors in the longitudinal bed
  • Integrated washing system with workpiece shower

Control behavior and NC path planning are developed and optimized in great detail to achieve the perfect combination of geometrical accuracy, surface quality and of course productivity. Depending on the required application, the machine can be optimally configured using five settings: roughing, pre-finishing, fast finishing, finishing and super finishing.

One key factor for lowest tooling costs and the highest productivity is the right process cooling selection. The STC machines offer all state-of-theart through spindle cooling options:

  • High pressure cooling for water-based coolants or oil (pressures up to 100 bar / 1450 psi to get as close to the cutting zone as possible)
  • Through spindle air
  • Aerosol (minimum quantity lubrication)

Of course external cooling is also possible. With these options, long tool lifes and lowest overall cost can be achieved.

A axis

  • Simultaneously controlled fifth CNC axis
  • Stable roller bearings on both sides
  • High positioning accuracy through a direct optical distance measuring system
  • Robust worm wheel drive
  • High driving torque
  • Hydraulic axis clamping and axis dampening
  • Even suitable for heavy-duty cutting

Motor spindles

  • Concentrically mounted water-cooled high-performance synchronous motor (15‘000 rpm)
  • Oil-air lubrication directly through the outer ring (direct lubrication system)
  • Variable hydraulic bearing pretensioning
  • Vector control with constant torque up to the corner speed, thereafter constant power
  • Internal coolant supply as standard
  • Sensors for bearing temperature, thermal spindle growth with compensation and in-process vibration monitoring
  • MT version has hydraulic spindle clamping

Gear-driven spindle

  • Drive via two-step gearbox
  • Torque 940 Nm or 1'300 Nm
  • Large dimensioned precision hybrid bearings
  • Oil-air lubrication system
  • Internal coolant supply as standard
  • MT version has axial interlocking for locking the spindle during the turning process

Table assembly / 130

  • CNC rotary table as fourth simultaneous axis
  • Pallet interface with clamping arches
  • Drive with high torque and damping
  • Hydrostatic B axis clamping

Table assembly / MT

  • CNC rotary table as fourth simultaneous axis or turning axis
  • Water-cooled direct drive
  • Stiff bearing adequate for high loads even for turning
  • Hydraulic clamping of the B-axis
  • Thermo-symmetrical design
  • Elements of closed welded design
  • Extremely stable and low vibration
  • Optimized using the FE method
  • High running and positioning accuracy
  • Short positioning and start-up times
  • thanks to high acceleration
  • Absolute optical measurement system for all five linear and rotary axis
  • any component requiring periodic service are easy accessible
  • replacement items e.g. filters, wipers etc are easy to access
  • machine components require service are simply to access and repair
  • safe working areas for maintenance personal e.g. platforms and attach point are provided
  • condition based machine monitoring to predict future component failure

Chain magazine for tools 800 mm in length Chain magazines for 60 or 80 tools are used in the standard version. Specifically addressing the requirements of the user, they can accept tools up to 325 mm in diameter (T-type tools up to 500 mm) and up to 800 mm in length. The hydraulic drives for the fast forward run and return of the magazine chain and for the movements of the dual gripper provide for optimum conditions for low tool changing times. Tower magazine for increased tool requirements For increased tool requirements, the machining centers can be equipped with proven tower magazines for 180, 240 or 320 tools.

High-performance process control Either Sinumerik or Fanuc CNC with integrated PLC, digital drive and increased safety technology. Extension into manufacturing cells and flexible manufacturing systems with rotary and linear magazines for work-piece pallets and further system engineering equipment. Delivery of turnkey projects including project planning, configuration, engineering, machining technology, tooling.

Numerous control and monitoring elements are offered for the overall system «Machine-workpiece-tool». These modules enhance process stability and operator convenience and at the same time save tool and maintenance costs.

  • emission extractor
  • rotating disk window
  • conditioning unit for compressed air
  • Camera system
  • handheld unit
  • compresser temperature cooling unit
  • increased geometric accuracy
  • remote diagnosis
  • warm up program
  • energy efficiency

Everything from simply part storage to most complex flexible manufacturing systems – even of the largest machines. The Starrag Group makes Industry 4.0 a reality. Read more

Technical Data

Pallet clamping surface according to DIN 55201 mm 1000x1000 (1000x1250 / 1250x1250)
Max. workpiece weight kg 5000
Column linear travel X mm 2200
Main spindle vertical travel Y mm 1500 (1900)
Table traverse travel Z mm 2100
Swing diameter mm 2200
A-axis degree -100/+60
B-axis degree endless
X/Y/Z m/min 45
A-axis rpm 6(12)
B-axis rpm 5.5 (10)
Gear driven spindle, max. speed rpm 8000
Max. power at 100% duty cycle kW/Nm 37/940
Total taper SK 50 (HSK-A100)
Motor spindle 1, max. speed rpm 15000
Max. power at 100% duty cycle kW/Nm 70/230
Total taper HSK-A100
Motor spindle 2, max. speed rpm 24000
Max. power at 100% duty cycle kW/Nm 70/60
Total taper HSK-A63
Positioning uncertainty (P) 0,005 / 6 sec
Positioning scatter (Ps) 0,0028 / 4 sec
Reversal error (U) 0,002 / 3 sec
Weight t 58
Space requirement for basic machine LxWxH mm 11400x8300x5450

Starrag also offers MT-hybrid versions of STC machining centres

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Precondition for above-average productivity, efficiency and economy is a constant high availability of the machine. And necessary for this above all, besides innovative technology, is: A tailored service, which is perfectly coordinated to your individual requirements.

ServicePlus guarantees you machine availabilities of at least 95%!


Our call center staff immediately understands your service requirements and passes them on quickly and appropriately to our technical hotline or to the appropriate service advisor.

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