Bumotec s1000C

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Bumotec s1000C

Efficient machining with up to 32 tools - Maximum bar diameter 28 mm (optional 42 mm) - 9 Position automatic bar feed system (3,000 mm max.) - High speed spindles (10,000 rpm) - Optional high-frequency spindles - Optional high-pressure coolant

More than 6 time faster in production in comparison to a mono station machining center



Bumotec Automation Solution


4-axis horizontal transfer machine

The Bumotec s1000 C horizontal transfer machine was designed to manufacture prismatic parts from     round or profiled bar stock. Small and complex components can be efficiently machined in medium to     large batch sizes.

The machine is configured with seven 4-axis machining stations, each equipped with 4 machining spindles (2 horizontal and 2 vertical). The eight stations comprise a 4-axis cut off station with a single     spindle. An optional ninth station allows the component to be re-clamped to allow the sixth side of the component to be machined with an additional 3-axis, 3 or 4 spindle machining unit. The machine is equipped with an automatic bar feed and quick change tool clamping system for optimum production rates.


  • 9 machining stations
  • Up to 36 tools integrated into the machine
  • Chip to Chip in 0.5 sec
  • 10.000min-1 on the tool
  • High autonomy


Axis configuration

Innovative Solutions

  • High production tansfer machine
  • Maximum flexibility for minimum set-up times
  • Short cycle times
  • No vibration due to the rigid machine design
  • Temperature control for maximum precision
  • Automatic bar feed system with 9 bars
  • 8 independent 4 axis machining of the 6th side
  • 3-axis re-taking station for the machining of the 6th side
  • Rotary C-axis with "direct drive” technology
  • Numerical control PC interface
  • Fully open machining area for total operator accessibility
  • Swarf evacuation through gravity due to the horizontal bar
  • Total swarf recovery (precious metals) and removable coolant tank
  • Control panel mounted on swiveling arm for operation from both sides
  • High-pressure coolant system
  • Oil treatment system, coolant temperature, control and filter system
  • Swarf conveyor
  • Paper filter system
  • Automatic fire extinction system
  • Automatic bar feed system (push or pull)
  • Double workpieces holding arm for cut-off and transfer to the re-taking station, allowing machining of the sixth side in hidden time
  • Fume extractor
  • Tool breakage monitoring
  • Swarf evacuator with paper filter
  • Portable electronic hand wheel     
  • Mechanical probing system RENISHAW (tool length and center)
  • Workpiece holding arm for cut-off and transfer to the re-taking station
  • Chiller system for the electrical cabinet
  • Automatic central grease system
  • Automatic bar feed system (pull or push)
  • Unloading carrousel with 9 individual trays
  • Numerical command Bosch Rexroth MTX Performance
  • Very easy control of the various movements, up to 37 simultaneous axes
  • User-friendly control panel with man-machine interface via PC
  • Possibility to connect the machine to a data-processing network for easy data exchange
  • Error message and diagnostic system
  • Very rigid welded and reinforced machine base
  • Stabilized cast iron frame for high rigidity and precision
  • CNC controlled index table, with 40° increments
  • 3 horizontal spindles Ø. 35 mm or 2 horizontal and 2 vertical spindles Ø35mm
  • Maximum spindle speed 10’000 rpm
  • Drive motor 3.1 kW
  • Machining of the 6th side
  • Manual tool clamping
  • 1 horizontal spindle Ø. 55 mm
  • Maximum spindle speed 3’000 rpm
  • Drive motor 3.1 kW
  • Manual tool clamping
  • Optimized coolant supply for saw blade (option)
  • 2 horizontal and 2 vertical spindles Ø. 47 mm
  • Maximum spindle speed 10’000 rpm
  • Drive motor 3.1 kW
  • Push button tool release
  • Custom designed stations for specific needs

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Technical Data

Number of machining station 8/9
Numer of CNC-axis (max.) 38
Operations unlimited
Motor torque Nm 33
Power kW 1,2
Rapid travel °/min 72.000
Clamping force 6.000 N
Indexing time from 0° à 180° sec 0,35
Axis travels X/Y/Z mm 120/100/100
Axis motor torque Nm 2,3
Axis motor power kW 0,75
Rapid travel m/min 15
Max. spindle speed rpm 10.000
Max. cut-off speed rpm 3.000
Spindle motor torque Nm 2,6
Spindle motor power kW 1,2
Automatic tool holder clamping ISO 20
Tool monitoring Optional
Number of bars 9
Max. bar length m 3
Max. bar diameter mm 28/42
Weight kg 9.500


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