ECOSPEED F 2060/2560

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ECOSPEED F 2060/2560

Unique drive concept due to parallel kinematic machining head Sprint Z3

No manual rework required due to high machining quality and outstanding surface quality

Rapid cutting of workpieces through full 5-axis machining and excellent acceleration in all axes


5-axis machining center

Scharmann has developed the ECOSPEED F for high-speed machining of mediumsized aluminium structural components. The horizontal spindle arrangement, the vertical pallet arrangement and the Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head, which delivers high travel speeds (50 m/min) and accelerations (9.81 m/s²), all come from the successful ECOSPEED.

What sets the F version apart from the standard ECOSPEED is that the machine column is stationary. The pallet travels in the X direction on the vertically arranged table group. The ECOSPEED F is equipped with a rotating double pallet station, located parallel to the X-axis, which enables component loading and unloading during the machining cycle.

Axis configuration

Innovative Solutions

Sprint Z3 and the parallel kinematic concept: Three parallel linear axis drives are mounted radially equispaced in a barrel-shaped headstock. The spindle platform is connected to each drive by means of rigid levers with a simple pivot at one end, and a ball joint at the other end. A high performance motor spindle is mounted to the spindle platform.

Due to proven components the machine offers much higher availability as traditional machine concepts.

High acceleration / deceleration of 1 G in all axes.

The machine concept is valid as the world's most productive solution for the machining of aluminum structural parts at highest surface finish quality.

Automatic change of head attachments like angular milling heads.

The machine can be equipped with a pallet system. Also a flexible manucaturing system is possible.

Ergonomic part loading in horizontal position.

Siemens 840 D with Operate

The high performance spindle offers 30,000 rpm at 120 kW (S1) power and 83 Nm (S1) torque.

A conical working envelope of +- 45° of the A- and B- axis Highly dynamic 5-axis simultaneous machining.

HSK A63/80 tool taper with 80 mm flange size and 21 kN clamping force.

The machine provides different tool magazines like chain magazines with up to 80 pockets and rack type magazines with up to 129 pockets.

Everything from simply part storage to most complex flexible manufacturing systems – even of the largest machines. The Starrag Group makes Industry 4.0 a reality. Read more

Technical Data

Length (X-axis) mm 6,000
Width (Y-axis) mm 2,000 / 2,500
Payload kg 5,000
X-axis mm 6,300
Y-axis mm 2,500 / 3,000
Z-axis (spindle horizontal pos.) mm 670
Z-axis (spindle +/- 45°) mm 370
A/B-axis, conical work envelope ° +/- 45
Pallet changing time (definend cycle) sec 210
Chip to chip time (definend cycle) sec 13
Acceleration / deceleration in X-axis m/s2 7.00 / 5.70
Acceleration / deceleration in Y-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in Z-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in A- and B-axis °/s2 685
Rapid traverse / feed in X-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Y-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Z-axis m/min max. 50
Tool magazine WERO rack type 129 / 300 pockets
C-axis ° 360 continuous
Right angular milling head (spindle 90° +/- 45°)
Right angular drilling head (spindle 90° +/- 45°)

Experts from Starrag and CG Tech worked hard to present to you Starrag´s Ecospeed machine with exciting information and possibilities to enhance your future in machining like never before. No matter if it´s a single component order or large batch numbers.
Learn more about the most productive solution for aluminium aerostructures on the market!


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Starrag ECOSPEED F 2040 FMS for aluminum structural parts

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