Success Story

User report Magellan

ECOSPEED - Optimised production of wing ribs at Magellan

"By using theECOSPEED F, we were able to secure long-term increases in productivity. In concrete terms, we were able to reduce the machining time for aluminium wing ribs for the Airbus A350 by 75%, without having to compromise on precision. This enables us to fulfil our obligations towards our customers in a reliable and punctual manner, while still delivering the same level of quality."


Adrian Young, Operations Manager at Magellan Aerospace (UK).


The ECOSPEED F achieves this high level of performance when machining workpieces thanks to its feed rate of up to 50,000 mm/min, as well as the Sprint Z3 machining head which, boasting a removal rate of 10,000 cm³ of aluminium per minute, delivers a high machining speed.

What's more, the machine sets itself apart through the extremely quick times with which it changes direction, as well as its outstanding acceleration properties, for which the Siemens 840D-CNC is in part responsible.


ECOSPEED F fact sheet:

  • Spindle unit delivering 120 kW, 83 Nm and 30,000 rpm
  • Travel in the X, Y and Z axes: 6300 mm, 2500 mm and 670 mm and +/- 45° in the A and B axes
  • Automatic double pallet changer (changeover time: 210 secs) for pallets that are 2000 x 6000 mm in size
  • Load capacity (workpiece and clamping device): Up to 5000 kg with dimensions of up to 2000 x 6000 x 370 mm
  • Rack type tool magazine for up to 129 tools
  • Automatic double tool changer with chip-to-chip times of 9 seconds

Sprint Z3 processing head fact sheet:

  • Three parallel linear-axis drives with equal radial layout in the headstock
  • Spindle platform is connected to the drives via stiff levers with hinge joints at one end and a ball joint at the other
  • The synchronised movement of the three Z axes allows the spindle to delineate every path within a spherical cone of +/- 45°at a speed of up to 80°/s
  • Straight linear movement of the spindle for the Z axis possible through identical and simultaneous movement of all three axes
  • Spindle platform swivels at level A and B in case of differential movement of the three axes
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