Bumotec s128

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Bumotec s128

Small floor space requirements < 2m²

Milling, Turning, Drilling, Engraving, Setting preparation, Diamond cutting for a high quality surface finishing

Fully equipped instead of multiple production units


5-Axis Mill / Turn center

The 5-axis Mill / Turn center model s128 is a perfect combination of maximum performance and minimum footprint. On less than 2m², the s128 is a concentrate of high technology; Milling, Turning, Drilling, Engraving, Setting preparation and Diamond cutting processes are possible to produce parts as single unit or as serial manufacturing. The machining of miscellaneous parts from bar or blank and demanding perfect surface quality can be achieved with very short changeover time. 


  • Compact machine less than 2m²
  • Flexible manufacturing solution
  • Production from bar or blank
  • 5-Axis simultaneously

 Axis configuration
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Axis configuration

Innovative Solutions

  • Bar diameter: 29 mm
  • Power max: 1 kW
  • Torque max: 6 Nm
  • Speed max: 50 000 min-1


The turning and milling tools are stored on rotary plates, and always reintegrate their initial position. Tool change is carried out by axis X and Z (pick and place).

Several devices are available for working from bars or billets:

  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Ottet collets
  • Profile clamping jaws
  • Mecatool GPS70 Pallets
  • Collets F30

The machine concept and the axis layout provide easy swarf evacuation and recovery of precious metals.

Water circulation at constant temperatures ensures continuous high precision.

A pressurized labyrinth seal keeps contaminates out.

Reliable and performing CNC providing excellent results
Several interactive functions helping machine operation and set up time reduction
Various options are available with the basic machine:

  • Al Nano CC
  • Data Server
  • 5-Axis simultaneous
  • Related tools

Tool Probe:
A Renishaw contact probe is available as a tool setting option. Cutting tools are measured on Z-axis and automatically introduced into the CNC machine control. The system allows broken tool detection. 

Workpiece Measuring Probe:
An ultra-compact touch probe with wireless transmission provides a solution for workpiece inspection, part alignment and automatic offset updates during the cycle.

Automatic Short Bars Feeder:
Several solutions are available, with or without bar magazine.

Paper Band Filtration:
An ideal filtration method for machining precious raw materials

An automatic GPS 70 (Mecatool) pallets loading/unloading unit is available. 24 or 40 positions capacity, provide an excellent autonomy for production from blanks

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Technical Data

Longitudinal Z mm 150
Transversal X mm 360
Vertical Y mm 115
Power kW 1
Torque Nm 6
Spindle Speed 2000 min-1
Rotation speed C-axis °/min 50000
Travel ° +30/-130
Torque max. Nm 122
Power kW 1
Maximim speed °/min 36000
Rotation speed 50000 min-1
Power kW 5,2
Torque Nm 1,2
Tool-holder type SKI 20
Type Pick and place
Number of tools 16/24 positions
Max. tool diameter mm 40
Max. tool length mm 86
Max. tool weight kg 0,8
Installed power 13 kVA
Voltage 400V/ 50Hz
Compressed air supply bar 6
Automatic palettizer -
Automatic bar loader -
Workpiece measuring probe -
Measuring probe -
Paperband filtration -
Machine (without any options) kg 1100


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