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NB 151



统一的转接盘设计可用于所有 NB 系列机床


5 轴整体叶盘加工中心

无论称为«整体叶盘»(叶盘)或 «IBR»(整体式叶片转子),无论单级或多级,斯达拉格 NB 系列专用机床理念均可针对部件高效加工提供最佳解决方案。通过钛镍基超合金以及叶片用钢制造的用于静止燃气涡轮的整体叶盘触发了 NB 系列的开发。针对所有必要的加工操作,斯达拉格提供了基准:硬质叶盘高效粗加工、摩擦焊接整体叶盘的自适应加工、点接触翼型的高动态修整。通过斯达拉格 NB 系列,可实现最短周期和零废品率生产。 NB系列基于斯达拉格非常成熟的LX系列。


- 专用运动理念,确保对整体叶盘实现高效粗加工和修整。
- 所有 NB 机床尺寸均采用单适配器设计解决方案。
- 通过直接测量系统,可对热漂移或离心力造成的膨胀进行不断 测量和补偿。
- 加工前,热量条件造成的机床位移可在工件上通过自动流程进行直接校正。



Construction principle

  • Minimized and balanced movement of the masses
  • Short distribution of forces increases rigidity, leading to stable ratios during the machining process. These factors have been proven in real-time simulation during the machine development phase
  • All base frame components are designed using FEM analysis for maximum rigidity"

Highly dynamic rotary axes

  • The rotary axes are directly driven by state-of-the-art torque motors
  • Guarantees the most precise positioning
  • High torque even at low speed
  • Highest possible rigidity for maximum dynamics
  • Power transmission free of backlash and extended service intervals
  • No mechanical component wear
  • Driven tip station with controllable torque

Spindle fast connectors

  • Fast connectors to reduce time for spindle change
  • Starrag made spindle
  • Monitoring of vibrations, displacements and temperatures
  • Compensation of displacements for better process reliability
  • Spindle interlock for mill-turning


  • Large door and viewing window
  • Easy loading with crane
  • Transportation as a complete unit, with all auxiliary units fully integrated within the machine

Control and system capability

  • Contour fidelity during high-speed machining through look-ahead feature and dynamic preselection
  • Drive parameter adjustment depending on the machining
  • Control cabinet with air conditioning unit
  • Control behavior and NC path planning are developed and optimized in great detail to achieve the perfect combination of geometrical accuracy, surface quality and of course productivity.
  • Depending on the required application, the machine can be optimally configured using five settings: roughing, pre-finishing, fast finishing, finishing and super finishing.


Work piece measuring

  • Intuitive and easy to use, fully integrated into PSI+ CAM System
  • consistent integration of CAM system
  • probing
  • automatic adjustment

Highly recommended for a reliable and accurate production

  • zero reject rate

Tool measuring

  • Detection of tool breakage
  • enhanced process stability
  • avoiding machine collision

Measuring of tool length and radius

  • enhanced process accuracy
  • enhanced process stability

Detection of incorrect operation

  • avoiding machine collision

Fixturing concepts

The special work-piece geometries create specific demands on the clamping fixtures. Starrag has in-house specialists who develop individual clamping concepts to meet the specific requairement of blade machining. Starrag offers the following advantages:

  • A single adapter design solution for all NB machine sizes
  • Application specific clamping devieces for best in class machining performance
  • Geometric deviations between multiple fixtures can be stored in the control system.

Tool handling

Tool magazines with 60 or 80 pockets. Tool storage is expandable up to 320 tools ( HSK-A63)

Workpiece handling

  • Workpiecechanger for convenient preparation of raw material parallel to processing time
  • automatic check of raw material length during AWC for enhanced process security

Chip removal

  • Optimized swarf flow directly into the chip conveyor
  • designed for wet or dry machining

Optimal process cooling

One key factor to lowest tool cost and highest productivity is the right process cooling. The NB machine series offers all state-ofthe- art through-spindle cooling options:

  • High pressure coolant (water-based or oil)
  • Through spindle air
  • Aerosol (minimum quantity lubrication)
  • CO2 cryogenic cooling through the spindle
  • Aerosol plus CO2 through spindle

Of course external cooling with coolant or CO2 is possible too. With these options, breakthroughs in tool life can be achieved, leading to the lowest overall cost.

Additional equipment

  • emission extractor
  • Starrag connect
  • rotating disk window
  • conditioning unit for compressed air
  • camera system
  • handheld unit
  • compresser temperature cooling unit
  • increased geometric accuracy
  • remote diagnosis
  • warm up program
  • energy efficiency

Maintenance friendly

  • any component requiring periodic service are easy accessible
  • replacement items e.g. filters, wipers etc are easy to access
  • machine components require service are simply to access and repair
  • safe working areas for maintenance personal e.g. platforms and attach point are provided
  • condition based machine monitoring to predict future component failure

从简单的零件存储到最复杂的柔性制造系统——甚至是最大的机器。 斯达拉格集团使工业 4.0 成为现实. 阅读更多


主轴数 1
叶盘最大直径 mm 620
X 轴 mm 650
Y 轴 mm 650
Z 轴 mm 600
A 轴 ° 360 回转
B 轴 ° -240°/ +60°
直线轴 X/Y/Z m/min 62
旋转轴 A U/min 200
旋转轴 B U/min 60
电主轴最高转速 rpm 18 000
100% 负载下的功率 kW 28
100% 负载下的扭矩 Nm 181
刀柄 HSK-A63 (A80)
刀具最大重量 kg 10
刀具最大直径 mm 160
刀具最大长度 mm 250
标准 / 最大刀位 60 / 320
换刀时间 (双臂机械手) sec 4.5
直线轴 P mm 0.006
直线轴 Ps mm 0.0024
旋转轴 P sec 6.0
旋转轴 Ps sec 4.0
重量 kg 13000
长 x 宽 x 高 mm 5200x3100x3110
安全标准 符合 CE 标准
数控系统 Siemens





NB 151 问世后,斯达拉格叶盘加工系列得以更加完善


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