Bumotec s230

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Bumotec s230

Diamonds finishing of stamps dials, Hemispheric forms, Luminova pocket





s230 is an automatic solution for faceting and diamond finishing dials index. s230 production center allows the production of a wide variety on index in various metals. Contrasts of different visual effects are performed by the use of diamond tools or solid carbide tools. The complete solution for small and medium series for finishing index combines multiple operations on a single machine. 


  • Optical recognition and origin definition of blanks
  • Diamond with the revolver toolholder
  • Machining of LuniNova pockets and micromilling
  • Simple programming interface on Windows
  • A variety of automation systems are available to ensure a high level of autonomy in production


Tool holder magazine
The 8 positions tool holder magazine allows the automatic tools loading in the vertical spindle for milling, machining contour or engraving. The loading process is done automatically by the pneumatic clamping. The production of complex parts or the use of brother‘s tools is possible.

Diamond tool
A wide variety of standard tools are available on the market for all types of forms.
Tools preparation
Tools preparation takes place outside the machine on a setting table.
The measuring microscope allows quick and accurate mounting of the tools.

Tools setting
The lateral alignment of the tool is performed by micrometer screw adjustment and the tool height by an eccentric screw.

Angular adjustment
The fine adjustment of the cutting angles is performed by micrometer screws.

Revolver tool holders 2 positions, ø 300 mm
The use of a large diameter tool holder insures a high gloss finishing surface.

Revolver tool holders 6 positions, ø 180 mm and ø 150 mm
During the machining process the indexing from one to the other six positions of tool holder is performed automatically by programming choices.

Simple tool holder, ø 20 mm
The tool holder ø 20 mm allow the use of smaller radius tools to achieve other brilliance effects.

  • High precision pallets
  • Universal vacuum pallets 
  • Automation unit for high autonomy

High precision clamping
The high precision clamping system insures the repeatability of precise clamping in μ.
The repeatability of the clamping pallet allows visual inspections during the machining process. Systèms3R, Erowa, Yerly or other systems can be adapted.

Pneumatic clamping
The universal vacuum system of pallets ensures the angular positioning by pins keying. The optical camera system takes care of the individual positioning of each index.

Height probe
The control of the pallets height is checked before the machining process. A new Z origin is then defined and recorded.

1 Optical recognition and origin definition of blanks
Optical recognition of forms and positions
The target position of each index on the X,Y axes and angle C is programmed in the matrix management.

Automatic correction
The optical camera determines the actual positon of the index edges in X, Y and C in order to determine a new origin for each form in a precision better than 0.01 mm.

2 Diamond with the revolver tool holder
Side diamond
Longitudinal diamond

3 Machining of LumiNova pockets and micro milling

Contour milling
The index contour is machined with the high frequency vertical spindle.

Luminova pocket
The location for the reception of the LumiNova luminous paste is machined by the high frequency spindle with if necessary corner lifts to ensure a minimum radius.

从简单的零件存储到最复杂的柔性制造系统——甚至是最大的机器。 斯达拉格集团使工业 4.0 成为现实. 阅读更多


CNC machining center for faceting and milling of indexes. Materials: gold, platinum, silver brass and other non-ferrous alloys.
Siemens 840DI-SL -
Camera VGA Sony XCD-V60 (640x480 pixel) Sell size 3,75 x 3,75 μm
Optic focal mm 5,3 x 3,9
Software QMT Vision Expector -
Communication TCP-IP -
Lighting adapted to flat metal surfaces -
Axis X cnc mm stroke 150
Axis Y cnc mm stroke 150
Axis Z cnc mm stroke 123
Axis U cnc mm stroke 375
Linear axes motor drive with online resolver on ballscrew -
Axis C cnc ° angle non-stop 0-360
Torque á 600 min-1 Nm 1,1
Power kW 1
RPM 0 á 4000 min-1
Tool holder interface ISO 20
Tool release pneumatic
Milling head mm Ø 20 á 300
Power kW 2
RPM Max. 45'000 min-1
Tool holder interface ISO 10
Tool release pneumatic
Max. Ø tool mm max. 7
Precision mm +/- 0,010
Microlurification (controlled vaporization) Vogel Lubrilean Basic unit
Indexing system for milling head 6 tools mm Ø 150
Pallets clamping EROWA, 3R or specific customer
Chip suctions -
Oil mist suction -
External lubrication system -


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