Heckert Large Athletic Series

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Heckert Large Athletic Series

by accelerating your manufacturing processes thanks to complete machining in a single set-up.

by keeping your non-productive time – such as tool change, spindle speed-up, pallet changing and B-axis positioning – to a minimum, resulting in faster turnaround times and increased productivity.

thanks to the high rigidity of our machines. This ensures the highest quality and productivity over decades and it allows you to increase chip removal, which reduces your cutting time.


Huge, modular and flexible

The flexible and modular-designed Heckert Large Athletic Series guarantee optimum results in the economic processing of large-sized and heavy workpieces with an edge length of up to 3,300 mm and up to 13,000 kg in all material qualities.

Available in 4- and 5-axis versions

Axis configuration

Workpiece sizes 4-axis & 5-axis models

Heckert HEC 1000

Heckert HEC 1250

Heckert HEC 1600

Heckert HEC 1800

Innovative Solutions

  • Steelwelded crossbed
  • High level of rigidity, damping and long-term stability
  • Perfect chip disposal, even for dry machining
  • FANUC 31i
  • Available as an option
  • Water-cooled main drive and feed motors
  • Cooled ball screw with tempered feed bearings
  • Thermally insulated machine base and column
  • Maximum precision for machine pallets
  • Wide selection of hole matrix and T-slot pallets
  • Set-up during machining time
  • Offered in double, triple or quadruple design
  • Safety light barrier in front of load-unload station
  • Chain and tower magazines are available
  • Up to 450 tools
  • Individually configurable
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading
  • 340 mm max. tool diameter, 950 mm with T-type tools
  • 800 mm max. tool length
  • Up to 1,500 Nm torque
  • Up to 12,500 rpm
  • Up to 84 kW drive power
  • Thermo-symmetrical design
  • High level of rigidity
  • Perfect chip disposal, even for dry machining
  • Available as an option
  • Up to 5,000 rpm
  • 760 mm adjustable length
  • Diameters of 125 mm or 150 mm
  • Available as an option
  • NC rotary table with 400 rpm
  • Unbalance detection
  • 5-side machining in one clamping
  • Maximum dynamics in positioning mode and simultanious operation
  • High rotational accuracy through 4-fold precision bearing
  • Optimal machining with max. 67 kW and up to 8,000 rpm
  • Serrated ring couplings guarantee highly precise swivel position
  • Automatic compensation of axial spindle extension under heat and sag compensation

Everything from simply part storage to most complex flexible manufacturing systems – even of the largest machines. The Starrag Group makes Industry 4.0 a reality. Read more

Technical Data

X / Y / Z travel mm 1,700 / 1.250 / 1,850
Rapid traverse m/min 60
Tool holder HSK-A100
Max. tool length mm 800
Max. tool diameter mm 340
Pallet dimension mm 1,000 x 800
Workpiece core contour ø in mm 1,700
Extended workpiece core contour ø in mm 1,900
Max. workpiece height mm 1,650
Loading mass kg 5,000
X / Y / Z travel mm 2,200 / 1,600 / 1,850
Rapid traverse m/min 60
Tool holder HSK-A100
Max. tool length mm 800
Max. tool diameter mm 340
Pallet dimension mm 1,250 x 1,000
Workpiece core contour ø in mm 2,200
Extended workpiece core contour ø in mm 2,400
Max. workpiece height mm 2,000
Loading mass kg 8,000
X / Y / Z travel mm 2,800 / 2,000 / 2,100
Rapid traverse m/min 60
Tool holder HSK-A100
Max. tool length mm 800
Max. tool diameter mm 340
Pallet dimension mm 1,600 x 1,250
Workpiece core contour ø in mm 2,800
Extended workpiece core contour ø in mm 3,000.
Max. workpiece height mm 2,200
Loading mass kg 10,000
X / Y / Z travel mm 3,400 / 2,800 / 2,335
Rapid traverse m/min 60
Tool holder HSK-A100
Max. tool length mm 800
Max. tool diameter mm 340
Pallet dimension mm 1,800 x 1,250
Workpiece core contour ø in mm 3,300
Max. workpiece height mm 2,700
Loading mass kg 13,000

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Service Plus Package

Perfect service for perfect machines

Precondition for above-average productivity, efficiency and economy is a constant high availability of the machine. And necessary for this above all, besides innovative technology, is: A tailored service, which is perfectly coordinated to your individual requirements.

ServicePlus guarantees you machine availabilities of at least 95%!


Our call center staff immediately understands your service requirements and passes them on quickly and appropriately to our technical hotline or to the appropriate service advisor.

Starrag Hotline: +49 371 836 23 68

All Service Products

Spindle overhaul

Overhaul concepts tailored optimally to your requirements

Training courses

Efficient machine operation thanks to optimal training courses

Replacement parts

Fast and reliable supply of replacement parts due to global logistics network


High technical availability through preventive maintenance

Service near you

Time is money! That also applies when it concerns the service and maintenance of your machine. The Starrag Service and Logistics Centres near you have the necessary infrastructure, in order to guarantee you perfect service.

Service Contact

Partnering for Efficiency

Service Plus

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