Success Story

Brought into shape

It is not usual that a foundry finishes work pieces up to the assembly state. However, this is exactly the core competence of CSA Herzogenburg GmbH. In order to be able to of the entire value-added chain, from the melting to the finished component, the company relies for the mechanical finishing on two horizontal machining centers HEC 630 Athletic by Heckert, that are specially tailored to its requirements.

It seems that the ingot mold casters of the CSA Herzogenburg GmbH have a heart made of aluminum. About 6,500 t of this light material are processed each year in the low pressure and gravity permanent mold casting at the casting experts in Lower Austria. The emphasis is on chassis components and large components for commercial vehicles. A view into the production quickly reveals: CSA has specialized in sophisticated castings. “The complexity of the parts is not only due to the often complicated geometry of the parts. Particularly large castings are a challenge, especially when one works with multiple casts, like we do”, explains Markus Kieberger, the managing director of CSA. 

The high complexity of the components has also implications on subsequent processes, such as the post-machining of the parts. “Originally, an outsourcing was in discussion for the post-machining of large castings”, the managing director explains. “Then, however, we have decided to manage this work step in our company, too, in order to have under control the entire value-added process and also to be able to keep the logistics tight.”

30 %

higher productivity

So, in February 2014, the first Heckert HEC 630 Athletic has been purchased. The essential decision criteria in favor for the horizontal machining center were the large working area and the high stability. At a clamping surface of 800 x 630 mm, the HEC 630 Athletic allows an interference diameter of 1,250 mm (flattened up to 1,550 mm) and a maximum work piece height of also 1,250 mm. “Heckert could prevail not least also because of the possibility to adapt the machine exactly to our demands. For example, also modifications at the machine stand have been made, for a better machining of large parts with high process reliability”, says a pleased Mister Kieberger. Thereby, the NC rotary table can carry a work piece weight of up to 1,500 kg. The rotational speed of 70 rpm can be optionally increased to up to 500 rpm and thus, it can even be used for rotating operations. The traverse paths of (X/Y/Z) 1,200 x 950 x 1,200 mm offer sufficient space for the machining of large parts. The spindle with its rotational speed of up to 15,000 rpm transmits the drive power of 82 kW without gearbox via a HSK-A 100 interface to the tool. The tool magazine offers 80 storage spaces with a maximum tool length of 800 mm. The tools may have a weight of up to 35 kg. In January 2015, another HEC 630 Athletic has been purchased. This one is, except an adapted spindle, identical in construction to the first machine. “Our main aim has been a capacity expansion”, Kieberger explains. “With the first machine, we perform 19 weekly shifts with almost always the same parts. On one hand, the new sister machine allows us to increase the throughput for this part, on the other hand it also allows to additionally produce other parts in alternating operation”, he adds. The machines are arranged in a machining cell shifted by 90° to one another and can be loaded and unloaded from the same work place with crane support. 


Especially in machining of large and heavy work pieces, the Athletic fully brings its performance ability to bear. The axes X/Y/Z of the machining center move with a speed of up to 65 m/min. In doing so, the acceleration rates can be adapted to the respective work piece and so, the machining times can be optimized. The robust construction of the HEC 630 allows acceleration and brake value in the range of 7 m/s² in X- and Y-axis. “For us, the two HEC 630 Athletic are the perfect “workhorses”. Exactly adapted to the requirements of the parts to be machined, they offer a maximum level of productivity at a constantly high machining quality. Hence, it offers exactly the process reliability that we guarantee to our clients”, Kieberger summarizes pleased.

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