Bumotec 191neo

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Bumotec 191neo

Extremely stable during production with a minimum of operator intervention

Its man-machine interface switches from one screen to another with a simple swipe so that the machining operations in progress can be monitored, programming parameters can be viewed, and production can be tracked in real time

Designed with reduced consumption in mind, confirming Starrag's desire to develop new equipment which respects the environment


Bumotec Automation Solution


High-precision multi-task production center

Extremely stable during production with a minimum of operator intervention, the 191neo offers a formidable level of productivity. Its responsive tool change, the high torque of the Starrag milling spindle, and its thermal signature inherited from the original s191 model, ensure it maintains the programmed production rate and obtains a high finish quality, regardless of the material and complexity of the part to be machined.

Equipped with "à la carte" peripherals, such as temperature-controlled high pressure, chip conveyor and bar loader, the modularity of the 191neo ensures all production requirements can be met. Coupled with the Bumotec palletiser or with a robotic, modular or custom-made automation cell, this gives you access to "24/7" type production, which is only interrupted by preventive maintenance when required. In addition to milling and turning, it can also be used for grinding, polishing, skiving, gear hobbing and diamond cutting, thereby allowing complex, demanding parts to be completed in a single cycle.

Its man-machine interface, developed on a Windows-based PC application, with support for field technicians, switches from one screen to another with a simple swipe so that the machining operations in progress can be monitored, programming parameters can be viewed, and production can be tracked in real time. Intuitive and easy to use, it requires less training, thereby allowing it be used by operators with a lower skills base.

The s191 model has evolved...:

  • Complete machining solution
  • Production from bars or blanks
  • New generation linear motors
  • Up to 7 axes and 3 spindles
  • 5 simultaneous axes
  • Up to 90 tools
  • Peripherals include high-pressure equipment, chip conveyors and bar stock loaders
  • New MMI touchscreen with Windows-based PC

Axis configuration

Technical Data

Axis travel mm Z = 400 / Y= 200 / X = 410
Power / Axis force Z-Y kN Z = 9 / Y= 6.75
Movement speed X-Y-Z m/min 50
Acceleration X-Y-Z-W 10.4 m/s2 (1.2 g)
Resolution X-Y-Z-W mm 0.0001
Power S1 / S6 kW 15 / 18
Torque S1 / S6 Nm 61 / 72
Turning rotation speed rpm 6.000
Milling rotation speed °/min 90,000
Clamping force F = 32 kN at 29 bar / FT = 32 kN at 29 bar
Resolution ° 0,0001
Bar capacity mm Ø42
Clamping collet F48 / Ottet / Mandrel
Power S1 / S6 kW 1.2 / 12.2
Continuous torque/peak torque Nm 127 / 236
Rotation speed °/min 36,000 (7500 °/s2) (0 to 90° in 0.35 s)
Locking torque Nm 400
Max. torque Nm 226
Resolution ° 0.0001
Angular movement ° -25 / +115
Power S1 / S6 kW 8 / 10.5
Torque S1 / S6 Nm 9 / 12
Max. speed rpm 30,000 (40,000 optional)
Locking torque Mechanical locking with a friction disc
Tool holder type F = HSK-E40 / FT = HSK-T40
Lubrication in the centre of the tool bar 100 (optional)
Number of tools 30 (60 or 90 optional)
Number of indexed tools All tools possible
Tool change time sec 1,2
Chip-to-chip time sec ≈ 4
Max. Tool weight kg 1,2
Max. tool Ø mm 40 (80 if adjacent station empty)
Max. Tool length mm 120 (150 on a plate)
NC controlled/Screen FANUC series 30 type 31i-B5 Plus /15"
Axis travel mm 360
Power / Axis force kW 2.5 kW / 5.5 kN
Movement speed m/min 40 (8.3 m/s2)
Resolution mm 0.0001
Self-centring parallel vice pneumatic
Clamping force 4.200 N at 6 bar
Other tooling possible Interior or exterior clamping collet / Ottet
Resolution mm 0,0001
Power (direct drive) kW 15
Torque S1 / S2 / S3 Nm 22/27/36
Turning rotation speed rpm 6.000
Milling rotation speed °/min 90.000
Clamping force 11 kN at 6 bar
Resolution ° 0,0001
Machine (without options) kg 4500


Service Plus Package

Perfect service for perfect machines

Precondition for above-average productivity, efficiency and economy is a constant high availability of the machine. And necessary for this above all, besides innovative technology, is: A tailored service, which is perfectly coordinated to your individual requirements.

ServicePlus guarantees you machine availabilities of at least 95%!


Our call center staff immediately understands your service requirements and passes them on quickly and appropriately to our technical hotline or to the appropriate service advisor.

Starrag Hotline: +49 371 836 23 68

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Spindle overhaul

Overhaul concepts tailored optimally to your requirements

Training courses

Efficient machine operation thanks to optimal training courses

Replacement parts

Fast and reliable supply of replacement parts due to global logistics network


High technical availability through preventive maintenance

Service near you

Time is money! That also applies when it concerns the service and maintenance of your machine. The Starrag Service and Logistics Centres near you have the necessary infrastructure, in order to guarantee you perfect service.

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