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No fear of speed!

Take a closer look at THE highly dynamic solution of the Heckert H65

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NB 151

The best machining solution for blisks manufacturing

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Starrag – CNC Machine tool and services from one source

No fear of speed!

Take a closer look at THE highly dynamic solution that masters even ambitious cutting on workpieces up to 1.5 tonnes despite lightning-fast positioning! In the video, Starrag's CSO Alexander Attenberger and experts from the plant in Chemnitz introduce the new Heckert H65.

Experience the most effective method for machining of complex aluminum structural parts!

Experts from Starrag and CG Tech worked hard to present to you Starrag´s Ecospeed machine with exciting information and possibilities to enhance your future in machining like never before. No matter if it´s a single component order or large batch numbers.
Learn more about the most productive solution for aluminium aerostructures on the market!

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Starrag Group believes that we should provide our customers with a benefit not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of communication. With the “Starrag Star” we provide our customers sufficiently good reasons why there can be only one partner for them: the Starrag Group. Enjoy discovering our solutions for your machining task.

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Our TecTalks offer you exciting insights into the Starrag world: customers and experts are regularly available to answer questions in short, exciting videos.

Learn more about our solutions for your machining task and benefit from the experience of our customers and the knowledge of our manufacturing experts.

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New: NB 151

The best machining solution for blisks manufacturing

No matter if it is called a «Blisk» (bladed disk) or an «IBR» (integrally bladed rotor), no matter if it is single stage or multi stage, Starrag’s dedicated machine concept of the NB series provides the best solution for efficiently machining these parts. Blisks made from Titanium, Nickel-based superalloys and the Blisks made of blade steels for stationary gas turbines triggered the development of the NB series. For all the necessary manufacturing operations Starrag provides the benchmark: Efficient roughing for Blisks machined from solid, adaptive machining for friction welded Blisks, high dynamic finishing of the airfoils in point contact. Shortest cycle times and zero scrap rate production are achievable on the Starrag NB series. The NB series is based on the very successful Starrag LX series.

Sucess Story

A team of two – for 9,000 hours of continuous operation

The first is blue and the second is white, but that's the only difference between the two Bumotec s191 machining centres from Starrag that have already proved their worth at the Hessen-based company Kroeplin, which specialises in dimension measurement. After the first, blue, Bumotec machine had been operating continuously for four years, the company decided to purchase another one with the same extras – this time in white. It was a wise decision; the two machines jointly guarantee 9,000 operating hours per year. 

    A Bumotec machine working

    Discover our solutions for automotive and transportation

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    Closer to target markets

    As already announced during the cours of reporting year, Starrag Group's order intake in 2019 was lower than in the previous year. At CHF 343 million, it was 26% below the 2018 level (24% at constant exchange rates), which war the secon-highest in the history of the company and influenced by several large orders.

    Dr. Christian Walti, CEO. Thomas Erne, CFO

    Investor Relations

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    High-precision CNC machine tools for greater productivity

    Starrag Group is a global technology leader in manufacturing high-precision machine tools for CNC milling, turning, boring and grinding workpieces of metallic, composite and ceramic materials.

    The umbrella brand Starrag unites the product ranges Berthiez, Bumotec, Dörries, Droop+Rein, Ecospeed, Heckert, Scharmann, SIP, Starrag, TTL and WMW. Headquartered in Rorschach/Switzerland, the Starrag Group operates 5 manufacturing plants in Europe.



    Improve your machine availabilities

    You want to invest money in a solution that brings you clearly calculable added value. That requires that, besides the purchase price of the machine, you also know the costs for its maintenance and service.

    With ServicePlus that is exactly what Starrag offers you. A tailored complete package including Service, Support and Maintenance at fixed calculable prices.

    service plus

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    What makes Starrag Group solutions so unique?

    Starrag Group is a global technology leader in manufacturing high-precision machine tools for milling, turning, boring and grinding workpieces of metallic, composite and ceramic materials. Principle customers are internationally active companies in the Aerospace, Energy, Transportation and Industrial sectors. In addition to its portfolio of machine tools, Starrag Group provides integrated technology and maintenance services that significantly enhance customer productivity.

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