Структурные компоненты для авиационной промышленности

Тенденция к усложнению и увеличению элементов конструкций, выполняемых с жесткими размерными допусками и в течение короткого времени, означает необходимость инновационных технологий производства. Предлагаемые группой компаний Starrag услуги охватывают множество областей применения — от пятиосевой обработки высокопрочных титановых сплавов и высокопроизводительного фрезерования алюминия до высокоточной обработки корпусов коробок передач.

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Success Story

Pilatus relies on Ecospeed machining solution

Reaching new heights: Flexible manufacturing system represents a productivity leap for aircraft manufacturers

Pilatus Aircraft factories have re-established the machining of large components: Since October 2016, medium-sized aluminium structural components with a length of between 750 and 4,000 mm are being machined in a highly-automated manner by a Starrag Group flexible manufacturing system (FMS) including two ECOSPEED F machining centres. Production capacity has been increased by about a third.


Starrag – highest efficiency in titanium machining

Technology solutions which make the customer stronger

Technology Solutions

More and more, the unique nature of our services can be seen beyond the individual machine systems. A comprehensive technology services package which can be tailored every time to meet the needs of the specific customer are of great help in ensuring that manufacturing is always geared towards the highest levels of productivity and, where necessary, adapted to take on new tasks.

Technology Solutions

Pilatus - Reaching new heights

Flexible manufacturing system represents a productivity leap for aircraft manufacturers

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Starrag meets Metalex’s big machining plans

with large scale six-axis Droop+Rein portal machining center

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The spark of FMS is ignited in Korea

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Starrag also offers MT-hybrid versions of STC machining centres

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A highly dynamic duo


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