Success Story

A competitive edge through efficient processing technologies

The Starrag NB Series is capable of performing all relevant production steps: from the efficient roughing of components from a single piece of material to the adaptive machining of friction-welded blisks, right the way through to the highly dynamic smoothing of flow surfaces in point contact. Now, discussions are centring around the Starrag NB series, which has been developed and optimised with the process as a whole in mind – that is, the highly efficient, simultaneous five-axis machining of blisks/IBR.

A prime example of a machine in this series is the NB 251 with an inclined B axis, on which the tool is practically rotated around the tool centre point. The compact design of this machine is characterised by its extremely high degree of machining accuracy, high cutting performance and high level of dynamism with a low number of moving masses. Compared with a standard machine with swivel rotary table, the strengths of the NB Series are obvious. When the rocker swivels, the machines with swivel rotary table needs extra time for the very long compensating movements. These compensating movements are necessary to ensure the tool remains on the same machining point.

“With the NB series, the tip of the tool is located very close to the centre of rotation. As a result, the compensating movements of the axes are five-times shorter”, Starrag Product Manager Michael Koller explains. “What’s more, the fact that the NB machines can also move and accelerate extremely quickly makes them significantly more dynamic”. The outstanding performance characteristics are due to the fact that this new machine has also been developed and optimised with the process, output and level of dynamism and accuracy in mind.

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