Tips & Tricks

For your application

Whether you've chosen a placement, a training position or a permanent role, an application is always at the very top of the list. Your application creates a crucial first impression. Pay careful attention to your spelling and grammar, and avoid typing mistakes.

An application should always include the following documents:

Cover letter

The cover letter should include the following points:
What drew your attention to the job advertisement? Or is it a speculative application?
Why do you want to work for Starrag?
How are your skills and expertise relevant to the position for which you are applying?
What is your current role?
What is your earliest possible start date?

Cover sheet

A cover sheet is optional. However, we recommend including a cover sheet as it lists all the important information about a person and you can show off your creativity here.

Application photo

An application photo is not mandatory. However, an expressive photo can draw attention to your application. Ensure that the photo is current and of high quality.


Your CV should be clearly structured, not have any gaps and be verifiable.
Your information should be clearly laid out and listed in reverse chronological order. Start with the most recent information. Ensure that the dates are uniform and that they include the month and year (e.g.: 02/2006–10/2007).
Content: Personal information, academic achievements, professional experience, qualifications and interests/hobbies.

School reports and certificates

In principle, the following applies: All points on your CV should be supported by corresponding school reports and certificates. Your application should only include school reports and certificates that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Application method

We generally prefer to receive your application by email. You can, of course, send your application by post too.
When applying by email, please note the following points:
Use a respectable email address.
Merge the cover sheet, cover letter, CV and school reports/certificates into a single PDF file.
The file must be no larger than 2 MB.


If you're invited to an interview, you've already overcome the first hurdle. Now you need to be well-prepared for the interview. Before the interview, you should always read through all your application documents again and gather enough information about the company and the position for which you are applying. You should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why are you applying to Starrag?
  • What do you expect from the position/placement/training profession?
  • What makes you stand out for this position?
  • How would you summarise your CV?

Ensure that you are dressed appropriately (your clothing should reflect the position for which you are applying). It always makes a good impression when you show your interest and initiative by asking questions about the position and the company.

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