Helicopters (Gearbox)

15% Reduced unit costs

Due to shorter cycle times and improved process safety.


Improve your machine availabilities

You want to invest money in a solution that brings you clearly calculable added value. That requires, that besides the purchase price of the machine, you also know the costs for its maintenance and service.

With ServicePlus that is exactly what Starrag offers you. A tailored complete package including Service, Support and Maintenance at fixed calculable prices.

service plus

Starrag, your partner for complete FMS turnkey technology solutions

Key benefits:

  • Reduction in unit costs thanks to flexible fully-automated complete machining of lot sizes from one-offs to large quantities
  • Low levels of changes to cater to individual customer wishes and alterations in ranges
  • Production based on demand with low levels of material inventory
  • Guaranteed highly effective just-in-time production
  • Unmanned machining in a multiple shift operation
  • Reduction in production and throughput times whilst maintaining the same high levels of processing quality
  • Turn-key project solutions
  • Optimum conditions for system extension and the integration of additional machines
  • Interlinking of a variety of machine designs
  • High level of in-house expertise in the handling of major projects
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