Success Story

AECC Chengdu Engine Co., Ltd.

The introduction of Chengdu Engine history

AECC Chengdu Engine Co., Ltd., founded in 1958, is a large state-owned enterprise mainly focusing on high-end manufacturing industry, as well as is a world-class outstanding supplier of aero engine and gas turbine components. The company has five wholly-owned subsidiaries, one share-controlling listed company and five shareholding companies. The company covers an area of 620,000 square meters with a registered capital of 754.96 million yuan and the total assets of 6.3 billion yuan. There are more than 4,500 process equipments and more than 5,200 employees.

The company has been engaged in the development of aero engine for a long time. Through the cooperation with famous international aero companies, the company has mastered the advanced international manufacturing technology of key parts and components for aero engine, established four professional advantaged platforms, such as casings, sheet metals, blades and bearings, formed three innovation centers such as technology, heat table and loading test with complete test capability for the development and production of aero engines and has the national defense level two regional metering station and the physical and chemical testing center with the national laboratory qualification. The company has passed the quality system certifications of ISO 9001, GJB 9001A and AS 9100-B. Besides, the special processes such as heat treatment, welding process, non-destructive detection, chemical treatment, coating and non-conventional machining have been certified by the international space agency NADCAP.

Through the long-term cooperation with well-known international enterprises such as GE, HP and UK RR, the strategic cooperative relationship has been gradually promoted to the risk cooperative partnership. Industrial civil goods and modern service industry are rapidly integrated into the regional economic development circle. Starrag LX151\LX251 are mainly used in the machining of complex airfoils and blades made of stainless steel, titanium alloy, inconel and aero aluminium in the blade branch of Chengdu Engine. Starrag and Chengdu Engine achieved a Serviceplus agreement – Guaranteed availability at a fixed price. It features a customized and optimized maintenance, which secures productivity with cost transparency of the current and foreseeable maintenance costs

Interview with Zeng Nianke, Minister of blade facilities support department

What kind of effect does Chengdu Engine expect to achieve for a longterm maintenance agreement with Starrag?
Nianke: It is hoped that the production task will not cause delayed delivery of customers' products due to the equipment failure, which will lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the long-term maintenance agreement can help Chengdu Engine improve the equipment maintenance skills and reduce the downtime rate of equipments.

Why is it increasingly important for Chengdu Engine to have a predictive maintenance strategy like this?
Nianke: In order to adapt to the demand of quick satisfaction of the customer’s order, Chengdu Engine must face the customer's choice with a good state at the aspect of the production resources, such as personnel, equipment, etc. In order to ensure that the equipment devote to the production for the customer in good condition at any time, the predictive maintenance strategy of equipment will become more and more important.


What kind of change has maintenance service provided by Starrag brought to your company’s production? Such as percentage of increase in productivity, percentage of decrease in downtime rate, etc.
Nianke: Maintenance service provided by Starrag has brought a new maintenance philosophy to Chengdu Engine blade, which mainly reflects in the repair service concept of rapid response that avoids the downtime caused by the process management of the enterprise, the early warning replacement of the vulnerable parts (there was no downtime occurring due to the spare parts problem in 2017), regular inspection and maintenance and adequate spare parts. The above mentioned maintenance concepts guarantee the increase in productivity and decrease in downtime rate.

What do you think about the importance of the future value-added services such as long-term maintenance for Chengdu Engine?
Nianke: First of all, it is necessary to recognize and affirm the importance of value-added services of long-term maintenance for enterprises, and the service concept of thinking for customers is needed for each enterprise. Secondly, the professional maintenance which can maintain the equipment precision will help to ensure the product quality and is favorable safeguard for the quality reputation of enterprises and the interests of customers. Finally, the future value-added service like long-term maintenance is a favorable guarantee for the enterprise to build the maintenance team, and it’s the essential condition for the enterprise development to learn advanced maintenance concept.

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