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Our TecTalks offer you exciting insights into the Starrag world: customers and experts are regularly available to answer questions in short, exciting videos.

Learn more about our solutions for your machining task and benefit from the experience of our customers and the knowledge of our manufacturing experts.

Episode 10:

Starrag Technology Talk - Starrag Aerospace & Turbine Competence Center

Starrag will open the Aerospace & Turbine Competence Center in Switzerland soon: Aerospace manufacturing expertise – all in one place. Dr Bernhard Bringmann and Michael Sokoll answer all the important questions and present the details in the latest TecTalk.


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Bernhard Bringmann

Current Episode: Aerospace & Turbine Competence Center in Switzerland

Starrag Technology Talk - Starrag Aerospace & Turbine Competence Center

Tim Mooney and Udo Herbes

Episode 9: Tim Mooney and Udo Herbes

Starrag Technology Talk - Starrag activities in the USA

Alfred Lilla

TecTalk Episode 8: Alfred Lilla

Starrag Technology Talk – Ecospeed, the benchmark for aluminum cutting

Tony Liu

TecTalk Episode 7: Tony Liu

Starrag Technology Talk - The new Tech Center Shanghai

Heiko Quack

TecTalk Episode 6: Heiko Quack

The latest TecTalk with Heiko Quack and Miriam Rickli highlights Starrag's solutions for machining of Landing Gears.

Richard Bacon

TecTalk Episode 5: Richard Bacon

Machining blisks and impellers rapidly and reliably in a single step saves both time and money. Find out how users can benefit from these advantages.

Marc Jorns

TecTalk Episode 4: Marc Jorns

Here is the reveal of Miriam Rickli visiting Marc Jorns from the Jorns AG in Switzerland.

Dr. Bernhard Bringmann

TecTalk Episode 3: Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Bringmann

In the area of turbine engineering, the Starrag Group has decades of experience in the machining of high-precision turbine blades

Head of Customer Service Günther Eller

TecTalk Episode 2: Head of Customer Service Günther Eller

The Head of Customer Service knows how Starrag´s service products can contribute to bringing your machine availability to over 95%. Join our TecTalk with service expert Günther Eller and Miriam Rickli to learn more about this critical part of your business.

Patrick Beralter

TecTalk Episode 1 : Berhalter AG - We connect ideas with humans

The family-owned company in the mechanical engineering and toolmaking sector recently invested in a Starrag STC 1250, a state-of-the-art 5-axis horizontal machining center. Patrick Berhalter, CEO of the company, will take you on an exciting tour of the company.

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