Heckert T Series

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Heckert T Series

by integrating rotationally symmetrical processes such as turning, turn-milling and hobbing together with conventional milling in one machine. You save the investment and the space for a lathe.

by keeping your non-productive time – such as tool change, spindle speed-up, pallet changing and B-axis positioning – to a minimum, resulting in faster turnaround times and increased productivity.

thanks to the high rigidity of our machines. This ensures the highest quality and productivity over decades and it allows you to increase chip removal, which reduces your cutting time.


Large workspace, small footprint

These five-axis horizontal machining centres are space-saving miracles, but they remain true to our stringent quality standards in every respect. They guarantee maximum precision for your work processes thanks to our guiding values of accuracy and rigidity. These are values embodied by Heckert machining centres throughout their decades-long history on the market.



  • Maintenance-free cover concept with fixed sheet steel panels
  • High level of rigidity and damping
  • Direct chip disposal, even for dry machining
  • Footprint reduced by 38%
  • Periferical units are fully integrated
  • Unique level of stability thanks to bearings on both sides
  • Maximum accuracy thanks to thermal-symmetric design
  • Maximum dynamics in positioning mode and simultanious operation
  • Excellent chip disposal
  • NC rotary table with 900 rpm
  • Ready for standard collet chucks
  • Unbalance detection
  • Thermo-symmetrical design
  • High level of rigidity
  • Direct chip disposal, even for dry machining
  • Optimised for dynamic machining
  • 292 Nm torque
  • 15,000 rpm
  • Extremely short speed-up time with HSK-T100
  • Up to 240 tools
  • Individually configurable
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading
  • 12.5-second pallet change time
  • Set-up during machining time
  • Automatic loading doors (option)
  • 13-channel hydraulic clamping unit
  • Maximum precision for machine pallets
  • Individually adaptable

从简单的零件存储到最复杂的柔性制造系统——甚至是最大的机器。 斯达拉格集团使工业 4.0 成为现实. 阅读更多

Planetary Wheel Carrier on One Machine

Skiving, PrimeTurning, Trochoidal Milling, Mill Turning, Milling and Drilling – These are all technologies that are necessary to machine a planetary wheel carrier. If you would like to make your production faster and more efficient, then this is the right place for you. On a showcase, Starrag shows how to realize all of the above on the new Heckert T45.

Performance Cutting Heckert T45

Performance cutting is a recurring analysis method in our product development where the main drive is driven to its maximum. In this example we analyze our Heckert T45. The cut is made 300 millimeters above the swivel axis of the turntable and achieves considerable cut output of 45 kW.

Maximum productivity in minimum space

Five-axis complete machining

This five-axis horizontal machining centre with fast-rotating trunnion table is designed for the complete production of complex workpieces in a single clamping position. The trunnion table is positioned and driven on both sides, enabling highly dynamic simultaneous machining that achieves excellent surface quality on workpieces with freeform surfaces and multi angle operations. You will receive a machine that is unique on the market in terms of dynamics, stability and precision.
You will also benefit from the minimized footprint. The modular design allows for flexible configuration of your machines so you can meet your specific technology requirements. The fast-rotating table expands your machining capabilities compared to a conventional five-axis machine with rotationally symmetrical methods such as turning, turn-milling and hobbing. This process density in one machine saves you investment and production costs and increases your process reliability.

t45 technik


X / Y / Z travel mm 700 / 750 / 750
Rapid traverse m/min 80
X / Y / Z acceleration m/s² 8 / 11 / 8
Max. speed B-axis rpm 900
Chip-to-chip time s 3.8
Tool holder HSK-T100
Max. tool length mm 430
Max. tool diameter mm 220
Pallet dimension mm ø 500 (400 x 400, 400 x 500)
Time required to change pallets s 12.5
Workpiece core contour ø in mm 600
Max. workpiece height mm 400
Loading mass kg 400
Machine length mm 6,750
Machine width mm 2,960

Productivity meets flexibility

Our diverse range of spindle and magazine options can be tailored to your individual requirements, for production processes that can handle whatever the future holds.

Tool magazines

Heckert machining centres can be supplied with a factory-fitted tool magazine with up to 240 tools, according to your individual requirements. We design and build all of the magazines ourselves, since this is the only way to safeguard our customary high standards of quality and reliability.


Strong as an ox or quick as a fox – spindle properties are a number one priority when it comes to production processes. That's why we offer a wide range of spindles so that you can select the right one for your application.

Always on our radar: user friendliness

Manufacturing solutions are growing increasingly complex, and it's becoming harder than ever to find operators who have the skills to handle them. With this in mind, our job is to simplify the operation of our machines and tailor it to your idea of what an operator should do.

The human-machine interface (HMI) is the point where a machine and its operator interact. Intuitive user guidance and clear communication are the keys to a secure manufacturing process. In the design of the HMI this was the basis - both in terms of ergonomics, interactivity and flexibility, as well as the user interface. We took the modern, intuitive operating concepts of smartphones and tablets as our starting point.

You can choose to configure your machine with premium-class Siemens or FANUC control system.


Individual automation add-ons

They allow you to make optimum use of your machines and increase productivity. You can win back the valuable minutes previously lost on machine loading. This increases throughput and reduces production costs.
We offer you automation solutions in various forms. Be it a fully adaptable linear pallet storage system, a robot cell or our fully integrated pallet storage Heckert PS800/6.


Process time and footprint halved

Planetary gear carrier machining in just two clamping positions

Two Heckert 5-axis horizontal machining centres connected to a robot cell are used to produce process-intensive planetary gear carriers. Setup times are hardly significant, and the automated pallet, gripper and tool handling as well as the intelligent choreography of the individual machining steps ensure the shortest possible process and throughput times. Voith benefits from a high level of precision, efficiency and process reliability, which enables the company to increase its productivity, reduce unit, tool and equipment costs and save production space. No other manufacturing solution on the market currently offers such a deep level of process integration.

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No compromise on quality


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