• Optimum machine reliability thanks to 95% availability
  • Peace of mind thanks to assured quality for parts that are critical to safety

Liebherr Aerospace

Droop+Rein FOGS

Liebherr Aerospace develops and manufactures integrated flight control and landing gears systems for the aviation industry, supplying customers around the world. "When manufacturing landing gears, it is extremely important to us that the required components are available and that they are of excellent quality. This is why we work with a high level of vertical integration and produce the main components of our landing gears ourselves", explains Bernd Molinari, Group Leader for Work Preparation in landing gears production.

When it came to expanding production capacity, overhead gantry column machines from Droop + Rein were chosen as the solution. Delivering a level of availability of 95%, the machines offer the highest degree of reliability, thereby ensuring a seamless production process.

Liebherr Aerospace uses the overhead gantry machines to manufacture the safety-critical main structural components, such as the landing gear housing and piston rods with integrated axles, on its own system. The consistently high level of machining quality delivered by the machines—which is guaranteed by F&E optimised machine beds, among other factors—reduces waste by up to 15%. Even with the long machining times per workpiece, productivity can nevertheless be increased by a considerable margin using these machines. At the same time, the safety-critical workpieces that are produced meet the highest quality standards and can therefore be integrated into systems without a second thought.