Remote service and remote diagnosis​

World-wide assistance direct from the machine manufacturer

To assist its customers the Starrag Group has a comprehensive remote service structure which operates by connecting to the machine over the Internet and through the technical hotline. A powerful organisation with highly experienced staff can locate and fix faults from a distance.

In our experience very many faults can be rectified in this way, and production can continue immediately. This method greatly reduces machine downtime and saves you a call-out charge.

However, if it is not possible to fix a fault via the remote service we transfer the information to our operations center. Appropriate steps are taken there – either by sending an engineer to your site, or by sending you a spare part. It is our aim to keep downtime as short as possible.


Scope of services

  • Connection
  • Remote service
  • Technical hotline


The benefits

  • Increases productivity and availability
  • Experts available immediately
  • Short downtimes
  • No high call-out charges