A la carte services guarantee maximum availability

Starrag Group machines are distinctive for their high productivity and precision. A global network of 300 experts is at your disposal to keep them available for operation. To that end, and together with you, the customer, our service team draws up and implements individual solutions. The range of services extends from supplying spare parts, servicing, training the customer’s operating and maintenance personal, carrying out repairs, through to solutions aimed at ensuring machine availability and life-cycle-cost management.

Rapid troubleshooting solutions
Our service hotline, remote service and the local network close to your site will quickly deal with any machine malfunction, with experienced technicians, regional spare parts stores and a fast global logistics service.

Ensuring maximum availability
The main focus is on providing customized preventive maintenance, continuous status monitoring and reviewing critical components before they fail. Software solutions such as SAM (Service Assistant Module) visualizes the machine’s status, record the production data, thus helping to diagnose errors and plan maintenance.