If you count up the combined years of experience of all ten brands in the Starrag Group, you come to over 1000 years of mechanical engineering expertise. 


Sales operations are reorganized with a focus on eleven market segments within the four target industries of Aerospace, Energy, Transportation and Industrial, under the claim "Engineering precisely what you value".

  • StarragHeckert AG renamed in Starrag Group Holding AG.
  • First production plant opens in India (first also in Asia).
  • Acquisition of Bumotec, Freiburg, Switzerland.

Acquisition of Dörries Scharmann Group, comprising Berthiez (Saint-Etienne, France), Dörries (Mönchengladbach, Germany), Droop+Rein (Bielefeld, Germany) and Scharmann (Mönchengladbach, Germany). Brand concept is updated and the company name is changed to Starrag Group.



Inauguration of the Tech Center and groundbreaking for the production plant in India.

  • Establishment of StarragHeckert Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. in India.
  • Inauguration of the new assembly hall for heavy duty machine tools at the Droop + Rein plant in Bielefeld. 

Establishment of StarragHeckert France and Turkey.


StarragHeckert acquires all assets of SIP (Société d'Instruments de Précision SA) in Geneva, Switzerland, and its subsidiaries American SIP and SIP China. This merger with the renowned manufacturer of ultra-precise machine tools and coordinate measuring systems for customers in the aerospace and precision machine building industry will lead to extensive synergies.


StarragHeckert acquires a controlling majority of the British company Toolroom Technology Limited (TTL), a global market leader in providing advanced machining systems for the repair of aircraft engine componenets. Therewith Starrag-Heckert offers its customers additional services in milling technologies.

  • The two companies within the StarragHeckert Group are renamed StarragHeckert AG (in Rorschacherberg) and StarragHeckert GmbH (in Chemnitz). All products are sold under the brand name "StarragHeckert". The Group employs approx. 730 people worldwide.
  • In the United Kingdom, the former representation of Heckert products is taken over with 32 employees and renamed "StarragHeckert UK Ltd.". At the same time, StarragHeckert acquires 40% of the equity of the British software development company "TTL".

Market introduction of the first generation of platform machines: The former ZT range is replaced by the STC 1000, while the HEC 1000 substitutes the CWK range of heavy-duty machining centers.

  • Introduction of the SKM 400 kinematics machine (tripod).
  • The StarragHeckert Group is re-structured under the holding company StarragHeckert Holding AG, Rorschacherberg.

Start of joint development work on the platform strategy.


  • The shares of the Starrfräsmaschinen AG are listed on the secondary market of the Zurich Stock Exchange.
  • Inauguration of sales offices in Moscow and Shanghai.
  • Heckert Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Chemnitz (198 employees) is taken over by Starrfräsmaschinen AG Rorschacherberg.
  • Starrfräsmaschinen AG is renamed "STARRAG". The different company names "La Rigide" and "Rigid", which are still used worldwide, are replaced by one single name: "STARRAG".
  • At the end of 1998, 625 employees are part of the Group.

The business of Dörries Scharmann AG was transferred into a new operating company, Dörries Scharmann GmbH.


Under control of the Treuhand-Anstalt Berlin (Trust corporation), the "Heckert Chemnitzer Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH" is founded.


Dörries and Scharmann are merged under the ownership of the Voith Group.




The American subsidiary "Rigid Machine Tool Inc." is founded in Rye, N.Y. In France and the UK, Starrag already holds own sales offices.


Starrag delivers the first 5 axis/3 spindle copy milling machine for titanium helicopter engine impellers to Rolls Royce.


In Chemnitz, the first FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) of the world, named "Prisma 2", is put into operation.


Starrag equips its first copy milling machine with numercial control driven by a magnetic tape. Starrag staff amounts to 1,200 people.


Starrag delivers the first 5-axis milling machine of the world.



Post-war period: The company establishes itself as a manufacturer of turbine milling machines.


Wanderer works take up production under improvised conditions and manufacture 38 milling machines.


Between 1936 and 1945, production of both Wanderer and Starrag is focused on military technology. During World War II, approx. 9,000 people are employed in Chemnitz. On September 11, 1944, production facilities are almost completely destroyed in an air raid.


Introduction of the first STARRAG copy milling machine. Copy milling technology enables Starrag to penetrate the increasingly important market segments of turbine, aircraft and mold and die manufacture.


The Wanderer motorcar department is taken over by the Auto Union AG (today Audi).


The company is renamed Starrfräsmaschinen AG. Manufacturing of copy milling machines for automotive, aircraft and mould-manufacturing companies begins in the mid-1930s.


The first RIGID milling machine with a closed frame construction is launched on the market.


Levy builds turret and center lathes.


Berthiez established in St.Etienne, France.



  • With the outbreak of the first World War, Wanderer has to convert their peacetime production to wartime production. At this time, more than 3,000 people are employed.
  • The textile industry in Eastern Switzerland is hit by a severe economic crisis.

Completion of the first subcompact car "Wanderer-Püppchen" (two-seater with 1,15 l four-cylinder engine and 12 hp braking power).


Wanderer starts the series production of milling machines.


The company is founded in Rorschacherberg, Switzerland under the name "Henri Levy Mechanische Werkstatt" and manufactures threading machines for the textile industry.


Droop+Rein established in Bielefeld, Germany




SIP receives one of 12 platinum iridium copies of the original metre prototype in Paris



  • In the German federal state of Saxony, the "Chemnitzer Velociped-Depôt Winklhofer & Jaenicke" - precursor of the world-famous "Wanderer Werke AG" - is founded.
  • Scharmann established in Rheydt (today Mönchengladbach) 

Dörries established in Vussem, Germany.


In Geneva Switzerland the physicist Auguste De La Rive and the botanist Marc Thury founds their own business - named "Société Genevoise d'Instruments de Physiques".

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