Liebherr Aerospace

Droop+Rein FOGS

Development project

Major order from Russia

150 years of SIP

Customer focus

Flexible production at nine locations

and a wide range of services on a global to local level

Scharmann ECOSPEED

Optimum machine dynamics for machining aluminium

User report Magellan

Scharmann ECOSPEED - Optimised production of wing ribs at Magellan

Precision and accuracy in production

Precision in movement

Bumotec S191

Machining centre equipped with a swivel head

Heckert HEC 500 D

Increasing sales by reducing the cost of parts

A competitive edge through efficient processing technologies

Bumotec s100multi:

Record-breaking chip-to-chip time of 0.5 seconds!

User case study - Otto Hofstetter AG

Heckert HEC 1250

User case study - BOMAG

HEC 1600 P 150

Starrag dengeling

High-speed hammering

Blisk machining of a complex turbine component

Doubled productivity due to the use of two spindles

Small tolerance for large diameters

Precision machining with a single column turning lathe

Tall, quiet and productive

Dörries CONTUMAT VCE 2000 lathe in valve production

BUMOTEC customer dialogue in Chemnitz

Asking the right questions

ECOSPEED manufacturing system Scharmann

Production of wing ribs for Airbus

Competence in titanium

Starrag machines, tools and process expertise

World’s largest FOGS machines

Two FOGS 70 for machining 7.3-m propellers

Machining of bore holes on multiple levels

Digital accuracy in the µ range up to 800 mm in depth

Brought into shape

Solutions for On-Road Vehicles

Synergy at its finest

Complete machining of turbine blades with Swiss precision

Machine tools in Danish family ownership

The XXL subcontractor from Jutland


Horizontal machining centre for Indian tractor production

Size makes all the difference

Solutions for Industrial Components

Bumotec s181

EMO world premiere for the micro-mechanic sector, including watches, jewellery and medical devices

LX 051

When it is all about speed and precision …


Wing ribs demand additional Scharrmann ECOSPEEDS


The XXL sub-contractor from Jutland

Dörries Scharmann

Customer safety is the focus

HEC 400F, HEC 500F, HEC 630F

Solutions for Transportation & Industrial Components

HEC 630 Athletic

Higher productivity with flexible manufacturing

HEC 500 D

Speed, precision and long-term process reliability


Take three: Strategies for spindle failures

Synergy between Heckert GmbH and Bumotec SA

Ask and you shall receive!

Bumotec s181

The perfect solution for the micromechanics sector

Highest demands of precision and quality

The Technical Solutions are in our DNA and customer benefits are our goal

Marc Lehmann

We specialise in providing a comprehensive package